Passion is love

I looked at the eyes of an Olympic Gold medal winner and saw what it means for a person to win his passion. I was watching the 10000m athletics final round and was glad to feel that particular moment. As the gun shot fired, Farah, a British defending Gold medalist took off in a controllable pace and got going. As he was progressing, he maintained the pace and also restored the stamina for the coming part of the race. Everything was going well until a fellow racer unintentionally tipped him off resulting Farah to fall down on knees, roll a bit. To the surprise, he regained strength and continued to pace up and all this in less than an instant I should say. He knew that the key ingredient of the event is to give his best when it asks for and falling down won’t stop him from doing so. The run reached the final lap and Farah was in 5th position as then. As the final lap started, Farah kept accelerating using all the stored energy and putting out all the speed he has been controlling initially. He marched and got past everyone in front of him to touch the finish line and defend the gold medal in consecutive olympics.

The moment when he fell on the track and getting back on heels, he smiled and put his two thumbs up signalling that he was okay and could keep running further. After him winning the Gold medal, I am surprised to see the same look. Years of practice, discipline, honesty and sincerity towards his passion helped him showcase this look of confidence. We fall to rise and as long as passion engines your life journey, we rise and win. As the winner stands on podium to receive his Gold medal, staring at his flag soaring high and listening to his national anthem and that’s when he let’s out tears of happiness. That moment is nothing but what we casually refer to as “Living the moment and living it to the fullest.” I have decided to use this phrase from now on only when it really means to apt in my life.

When love is passion and passion is love, we fall to rise and rise to win

This article ends here but it’s important for us to seek the moral of it and never give up in our life as long as we breathe.

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