4 Services you won’t get from your mainstream telecom provider.

In today’s world, the broadband and telephone connections are as important for business as roads and rail network.

Yet many businesses still miss out on the one-fits-it-all packages offered by the mainstream providers

The solid business router.

Remember how many times you need to shout at this one piece of hardware upon which all your connections rely? Every businessman knows it too well. They tend to work just fine when you don’t quite need them, and break down in the middle of that key business meeting.

Usually, the mainstream companies will simply give you a standard machine, which won’t be able to cope with the large bandwidth of your company. Ditch the old loser, and switch to a heavy duty, solid router.

VoIP communication

Voice over IP technology is a real money saver. It enables you to bypass many operators’ fees and surcharges. It’s also more reliable and faster than standard wired telephone connections. What more? Your employees will be able to make and receive calls on their work likes while they’re out of the office. You can forward it to any handset, even to their home phones.

All easily manageable and customisable. If you want to keep your departments in touch, you’ll see the real value of this solution in no time!

Emergency handsets

Picture this — you get an urgent order and need to communicate with your employees efficiently. Getting new mobiles for them would be a nightmare, with time wasted on contracts and paperwork, when you only need them for a short while.

Whilst mainstream companies rarely offer this, with flexible handset service, you can get emergency mobiles for your employees. You can also easily replace the handsets that are faulty, lost, damaged or stolen within 24 hours. Useful, isn’t it?

High Upload speed

We all know that speed is a vital factor in all broadband connections. But what the mainstream companies often advertise is a mere download speed. Whilst it’s very important to have the download connection that’s up to standard, the upload bandwith may prove problematic.

Every time you need to update your website, database or send over some big chunks of data, pictures, project files, ever webinar streaming, the high speed upload may be life-saving.

The mainstream providers will often compromise on it, only bumping up your download speed. When choosing your broadband provider, look out for the one with decent upload speed, too.

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