A plane ticket and a smartphone builds a 3D map of the Pentagon

Making mapping easy and accessible to everyone

Next time you have a window seat use your phone to make a map! Check out this map of the Pentagon created from a 30 second clip during takeoff out of Reagan National Airport

Historically, mapping was confined to experts with expensive and exquisite technology. The proliferation of smartphones, dash cams, drones, and more is changing that for the better. Today, anybody with a video camera can easily participate in building and refreshing maps. With nothing more than 2016 smartphone and a window seat on a commercial airline a Hivemapper user was able to build the 3D map of the Pentagon shown above.

A few years ago — only Google and Apple had the financial resources required to produce and refresh a global map. Today, a smartphone and great software changes the financial math of the mapping industry. By making mapping more accessible it creates an opportunity to dramatically lower the cost of building maps bringing this valuable data to more organizations, businesses, and consumers.

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