How does an animal percieve the world?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a duckling or a cat? I sure have, and it’s a strange question to ponder, because you would really not come to know its full answer. The thing that fascinates me about the thought is that animals doesn’t have the cabability to be self-aware or aware of being aware, as we humans do. That is mainly what seperates us from the other magnificent creatures in this world.

Maybe the closest we will come to know how an animal looks at the world is through dreaming. When we dream we are not self aware, but we still manage to go arround in our dream world and do all sorts of crazy stuff, without remembering most of it. Thats pretty much how animals go about their daily business.

Look at the duckling below. Just take a look. Now imagine being inside its head, and feeling the world though its senses. What would you think of? Would you even think? Or would you be in a meditative state of pure awarnesss, without a care in the world?

Look at it go!

Maybe animals enjoy their life more than we do, because they are not in a fearful state of the future like many of us humans are. They dont worry about death before it’s right in front of them.

The funny thing is, if you would be reincarnated in lets say a cat, you wouldn’t even know that you were alive. You would just go about your day, without having a sense of self. That is too much for my mind to grasp.

Peace out dogs.

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