The Aptitudes of the Digital Era

Times have come times have passed. Taking a spec and piercing deeper into the bygone eras and changing horizons the world has never been so dormant in its discoveries and developments. The world has ever been changing and advancing from the stone age; into the iron age, into the industrial revolution and the globalisation and now into the information age which is pretty much interpreted as the digital era.

The globalisation is the development of socio-economic and political interaction and integration of people, governments, industries; markets and it arises from the interchange or mutual sharing of world views; products, ideas and it is aided by information technology. The information technology is the use of computers and telecommunication equipment to store; retrieve, transmit and to manipulate data. In this digital era we easily use mobile phones, tabloids, ipads, televisions and a whole lot of electronic equipment to communicate and transmit information. Digitalisation revolve solely around globalisation.

The world is rapidly migrating from use of analog to digitalisation. We moved from playing music on a tape or cassettes; to playing it on mp3 player on our mobile devices. Nowadays it’s easier and quicker to buy and download music from the Internet on different online applications such as iTunes,, eMusic using our cellphones. Buying a book is just a click away. Digitalisation plays a major role to ease access and sharing of information around the world.

This era helps different organisations or companies to fulfil their mandate with ease. Advertising is easier through the use of Internet. One can easily develop their advertising agency or platform on their own personal block. We now live in the world whereby it’s easy to build brands through digitalisation. There is a broad spectrum of online markets. We now can buy and sell products and services online. It’s easy to shop and sell products online through import and export markets. The accessibility is overwhelming; one can easily get their certificates, deploma, bachelor’s degrees and even masters degree online. It’s quite amazing how the world has shrunk and has turned out to be the small chat room whereby interaction and transmission of information is just in the palm of everyone’s hand and just a click away. It seems as though we are under one roof in a single room and these are all the reflections and perks of the forth industrial revolution.

There is no need for long queues at different service delivery departments. Through Internet banking service, the forth industrial era has saved us time and improved security with our finances. Whatever transaction you make you get the notification on your mobile device. Cellphone banking has made it easier for people to bank. Today it’s easy to receive and send money on the mobile cellphone through services like Eco-cash and Vodacom Mpesa in my country. Paying the bills, buying electricity is just a touch away through the mobile cellphone.

The navigations of road maps on our mobile devices inspires people to travel and explore the world freely. The mobile trackers help societies to fight crime in locating those who do not conform with the norms and practices of the society. Today getting a taxi is just a click away through the use of newly developed Internet application known as Uber. When you need a taxi you browse through your mobile device; navigate through as App and it gets to you as quickly as possible. You want to have a quick meal? All you can do is just make a phone call and when you get to the restaurant you settle the bill; swipe it through and your favourite meal is ready to go.

There is Medium, WordPress and a whole bunch of different blogs on the Internet which enable people who share the same interests and those who have passion for writing and reading to easily interact and share their world views on different aspects of life.

This is the technological era that help to ensure people’s right to good health. It’s easy to put in check patients recovery and to also develop technological devices that can help treat and cure diseases. With the use of this technology it’s easy to scale out people’s life expectancy or life span especially those living in critical stage of cancer. Through digitalisation it’s easier for people to know about disease outbreaks, and quickly get informed and educated about it. It’s easier to raise awareness and this leads to quicker global reaction to help treat or develop drugs that may treat or cure diseases. It’s easy to transmit such information through television, radio broardcasts and even on the Internet. People are always informed with the current affairs from all over the world. For example with the Paris attacks; people from all over the world got to know about it in a split second because it was trending all over the social media.

We live in the world whereby social media plays a major role in our lives. However to some extend this is advantageous to help deepen democracy. Social media offers freedom of expression which is composed of freedom of speech and opinion. There is a whole lot of social media platforms such as Twitter, and Facebook. These makes it easy for people from all walks of life despite the geographical distance or demography to communicate without any hassles and halts. This brings wonders of joy as people communicate smoothly with their families; friends and acquaintances. They help build strong social bonds because they help keep intact the people who are primarily important in our lives.

I live in Lesotho whereby migrant labour contribute more to our economic stability due to high rates of unemployment. Digital era seem to reflect a promising future as our fathers who work at the mines in the neighbourhood county and spent a lot of time away from their families, may somehow become the visual part of their children’s lives through the use of internet Apps such as Skype. With ease of communication family bonds are intensified.

This era calls for rapid change and it will help in my country whereby majority of people are factory workers. The emergence of new technologies will help off-load too much of the hard labour to making people work with ease, quicker, saving time and thus contributing to increase in production. Especially those working at the factories. This era also calls for substitution of human labour by artificial intelligence or robots. Even though this may sound positive but on the flip side it sucks. More especially for the developing countries whereby unemployment rates are still sky rocket high. I foresee the future horizons whereby people no longer need office space to perform their work but will do it at the comfort of their own home. We live in the era whereby servants at different institutions and even at the bars or the restaurants are simply going to be robots. With the rapid transition of this era the world is becoming more busier and I forsee future robot nannies and drivers on our public transport.

The digitalisation has become a pivotal point of almost everything going on in our lives. So much that it consumes us and detatches us from nature! It imposes the high risk of rejection and minimal social and personal interaction. People may be sitted in a single couch but feel lazy to verbally talk to each other while glued to their cellphones, tablets and their computers. Even those seeking for attention may partially get it because someone may not want to miss an episode of their favourite television series. Otherwise you will have to hold that thought until they are done watching and that’s if they will not get yet another distraction of that important WhatsApp call.

Moreover there is a risk of scams through false information that can be transmitted on the internet and putting our lives in danger. Enemies easily can track your whereabouts. Kidnapping may arise as a result of misusage of this technologies. It’s advisable that people do not always post their whereabouts on social media. To minimise risks, people should do thorough research on things posted on the Internet. So that they do not became prey of scam. Do not always believe everything you see on the Internet. Internet can make or break people, it only depends on how you use your technological space to reflect on yourself and to interact with the world. In this era there is more political instabilities fueled by use and developments of dangerous destructive weapons. It is of utmost importance that different economies monitor and regulate the use of such weapons and even eliminate the production of those weapons that put our lives at risk; such as bombs. Countries have to enforce a legitimate elimination of destructive weapons production, which put people’s lives at risk in a way to get rid of terrorism. That way the world would be a better place to live. Upon switching on our televisions, we need to see the world free of terror; visually, physically, emotionally and psychologically. We need to get some visual stimulation of beautiful sceneries and scenarios!

The forth industrial revolution has led to a huge transition and economic shift. The innovations have been quite amazing. Improved service delivery, the reception is amazing because the digitalisation seem to be much more simplified and it simply life. There is easy transmission of information around the globe. It is accompanied with constructive developments that contribute to building a solid economic base for both developed and developing countries. There is a lot to embrace in this era; everything is just so convenient and at the tip of our fingers. Ta-da!!!! The world could not get any better than this. Ready to be served on a golden platter? Welcome to the digital world of the forth industrial revolution and stay forever captivated!