While age is just a number; well growing up comes with maturity. I have grown to realise that when one matures, they become in actual realisation that happiness is a choice. You are responsible for your own happiness; to cherish it and to uphold it.

What is happiness?

Happiness is a state of being harmoniously at peace and in love with yourself. It starts from within. When you are harmonious with your inner self then you’ll exude happiness. You will always boldly auto flash that smile to the world! Happiness is the truest beauty that any human being can ever wear. It increases your vibration; when you are happy you get to this highest level of frequency whereby you feel like you floating in the air, all bubbly and jolly! You become light and ready for the world around you! You are care free.

How do you acquire happiness?

You just have to come to harmony with self! Accept yourself for who you are. All the emotional and physical flaws and scars you bear cannot define your own happiness. While emotional scars can run deeper than the physical ones nonetheless choose to be happy. Find a way to make peace with your past. You have today to actually write how your future can unfold. The past can never always define your present and your future unless you allow it to. Sometimes we take the longest of time looking back wondering what’s going on behind the closed door. The past should remain in the past, shut the damn door for heavens sake, lock it and throw the key in the sea where you can never find it. Burn the damn bridge to ensure you do not turn back there. Somethings are better left in the past. Why would you drag the ghosts of your past along with you while all it does is tear you apart!

Sometimes our door to happiness is through LETTING GO!

Let bygones be bygones! You are the one in charge of your own happiness not anyone else; so own it dammit! Don’t give an eff of what others think of you; ALWAYS CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY.

Love yourself dearly

Always put yourself first; it is not being selfish but it’s all about SELF LOVE all the way. How the heck would you love others while you don’t know how to love yourself?

Always prioritise your HAPPINESS and everything that makes you happy. Don’t even give an eff word about the things that second your happiness. Life is about the priorities that we pasture ourselves to. Define your own happiness your way!!!

Happiness calls for greater and better things in life. When you are happy then you will attract all happy events and people around you. Be inflow of happiness.

You know what they say, to conquer the world; beat them up with that smile, kill them with kindness, bury them with great success and most importantly BE HAPPY! Happiness is a serial killer to your enemies, they just can’t afford to see you happy; it paralysis them!


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