At the first stage of producing bricks, the clay is dug up from the ground by a digger. In the subsequent stage, the clay is brought to the metal grid which allows it to be shaped into smallet pieces . A roller assits this step. Then, the clay is added with sand and water. Next, the mixture is transfered to either wire cutter or a mould where it is shaped into bricks. Afterwards, the bricks is transfered to drying oven in order to be changed into bricks. The process continues with doing increase temperatures from 200 to 980 then increase with higher temperatures from 870 to 1300. After this stage is complete, the bricks is bring from kiln to coolinh champer which allows it to be shaped the bricks with from 48 to 72 hours. As soon as, the bricks are cooling is complete, it will be moved to the packaging stage. The process finishes with to delivering the cargo to the place of consumption .

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