How Michelle Czajkowski’s Signature Style Brings Life to Firelight’s Fantasy World

Welcome to the first of our “Artist Profiles” — little looks at the many talented artists working to bring Firelight to life, and the work they’re contributing to the game.

Starting off the series is Michelle Czajkowski, creator of Ava’s Demon and hundreds of standalone images. When we began narrowing down a shortlist for Firelight’s artwork, Michelle’s name was one of the first to come up. She has a great mastery of numerous styles, and her many fantastical portraits feel at once lively and haunting.

To us, Michelle’s past work indicated a perfect fit for many of the more magical Quests and characters that populate Firelight. Take a first look at one of each below!


A sketch of the Wizard Adventurer from Firelight, drawn by Michelle Czajkowski

As a magic user, the Wizard has perhaps the most ethereal set of Abilities in Firelight. With a wipe of the hand he can reshape an enemy’s memory, or change location with nearby objects. He can even give life to items previously thought inanimate.

With such otherworldly abilities, Michelle’s signature illustration style gives the Wizard a perfect blend of power and mischief.

Check back later to see the complete version of the Wizard’s sketch!


A sketch for the ‘In Your Dreams’ Quest card in Firelight, drawn by Michelle Czajkowski

‘In Your Dreams’ is a Quest in which players literally step into the world another character’s dreams, experiencing her past conflicts and battles through the distorted prism of dream logic. Again, the magical theme seemed a perfect fit for Michelle’s evocative fantasy style.


After each of the above sketches is finalized and colored, they will be applied to our game cards and used to give players guidance and inspiration during their play sessions. Better yet, each Quest card will be jumbo-sized, giving players a better view of all the magic.

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