The Weekly Digest #16 : The Best of Social Media

We have a lot of exciting news for you today! Are you ready? This week’s content includes news from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and the Olympics 2016. Keep reading to know everything!

LinkedIn launches videos for influencers

It took them longer than everyone but LinkedIn finally announced Tuesday they were starting to jump into the videos world. They selected 500 influencers for the moment that will have the opportunity to create and post short videos of 30 seconds. The videos will appear on the usual feed along with other publications. Users will be able to like, comment or share them. Influencers will talk about the topic of their choice but topics such as education, innovation, workplace culture and more will be curated. Every video with the same topic will be placed together to make it easier for the users to watch them.

Twitter introduces Instant Unlock Cards and allows Conversational Cards globally

Twitter launched Conversational Ads a few months ago but they just made them available to anyone. To help brands drive engagement and spread their message even more, they announced a new tool to bring interactions called Instant Unlock Cards. These cards will display the teaser of an exclusif content with a call to action button and a specific hashtag attached. Once the users click on the button a pre-filled message will pop up. Customers will then only have to post it on their timeline if they want to access the content. Advanced analytics are also available through the Twitter Ads Dashboard so you can get engagement metrics and details about earned media.

Facebook is testing mid-roll commercial videos

Facebook was not willing to put pre-roll ads videos in their broadcast videos because they feared users would not continue to watch them. They seem to have found an alternative and are now testing mid-roll ads videos instead with a small batch of their best publishing partners. If the tests go further, publishers will have the possibility to include commercial breaks — sourced from their campaigns that are already on going on Facebook — in their own broadcasts. They would last up to 15 seconds and would show up after the 5 first minutes of broadcast.

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Instagram launches Stories

We all know Snapchat is the one that launched the Stories feature in the first place. Instagram now decided to follow the trend and use the exact same section. These stories let users post all of the moments of their day they want to share, and not only the ones they want to keep on their account. Users of iOS and Android can now post content that will disappear after one day. Stories appear at the top of the screen and users only have to tap the icon of the people they follow to watch the photos or videos that have been posted within the last 24 hours.

Twitter announces another live streaming partnership

Twitter keep diversifying their live streaming partners more and more and don’t intend to stop there. This week a deal was signed with Warner Bros and BuzzFeed on the occasion of the “Suicide Squad” movie release. The premiere that took place last Monday in New York was live streamed before the official release this Friday. BuzzFeed Motion Pictures created exclusive content and enabled the audience to get interviews of the actors as well as commentaries from the red carpet. Ross Hoffman, VP of Global Media at Twitter added :

”People come to Twitter to see what’s happening, many to see what’s happening in entertainment. They talk about movies every single day: before, during and after the movies are released. With this partnership, we’re bringing live video entertainment to meet this growing demand.”

Snapchat adds geostickers

After their geofilters, Snapchat are now launching geostickers — that work just like any other sticker — except they are changing depending on your curent location. You can add them to your snaps and resize them or send them through the chat. They are only available in the following cities for the moment : Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, Honolulu, London, Sydney, São Paulo, Paris, Riyadh.

Twitter, Vine and Periscope are ready for #Rio2016

The summer games of the Olympics 2016 have officially started in Rio de Janeiro until August 21st and everyone is ready to make this major event unforgettable.

Let’s talk about Twitter first. The social network will enable you to trigger flag emojis of the 207 countries that participate, by tweeting a hashtag with the three first letters of the country. More than 50 #Olympics, #Rio2016 and sports emojis are also available. You’ll also have the possibility to follow the best Moments of your team appear on your Twitter timeline if you opt in.

Lastly, Tweets from the whole world will be displayed on Rio’s aqueduct Arcos da Lapa and a bus riding around the city will display tweets and Periscope broadcasts through its windows.

Twitter adds features to Ads Manager

Twitter will add more features to Ads Manager in the coming months. Here’s what Christiane Lee — senior product manager — said about it :

One of the features we think you’ll find most useful is custom filtering, which enhances control of your dashboard view.
Use custom filters to more quickly find your campaigns, ad groups or even ads. Everyone who has access to your ad account can save filters for their own use.
If that’s not enough, we’ve added custom metrics to help you more easily monitor metrics that matter most to you. Through custom metrics, you can create multiple presets to quickly view different reports in the dashboard.
Once you’ve customized Ads Manager, the export will match the columns and rows you see in the dashboard, so you can spend less time building reports. This means you can export only the data you need.

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