Don’t fall victim to the IP bullies—and other important takeaways.

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A few months back, the world tuned in to watch the tech antitrust hearings, which highlighted the risks big tech poses for our economy, as well as for society as a whole. Companies and the general public alike were forced to pay attention to the implications that these companies have on our lives.

Notably, the antitrust hearings cast a particularly bright light on the nefarious IP bully and IP theft tactics often used by the behemoth tech companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook. These big market players have, in the past, used smaller companies’ patented technology, proprietary information, and trade…

Decisions made during a crisis can have legal consequences down the road

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Leaders are often faced with in-the-moment decisions armed only with imperfect information and limited experience to predict the consequences of their decisions. These decisions are difficult during good times, and feel near impossible during uncertain times. We are all eager to make the decisions necessary to return to some sense of normalcy. However, the consequences of the decisions we make as we seek out this new normal will reveal legal liabilities for companies of all sizes.

As cities lift their shelter-in-place policies and businesses strategize how to reopen, now is a prudent time for leaders to create a proactive game…

Moments of change can create tremendous opportunities — and risks — for startups

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Over the past few weeks the U.S. has passed the most comprehensive stimulus package since the Great Recession, and the largest-ever relief bill — with more likely on the way. This stimulus package represents Covid-19’s expansive impact on businesses, beyond revenue and hiring: substantial regulatory shifts looming, and the changing context in which startups and other entrepreneurial firms operate. These shifts both present tremendous opportunities for companies that can be responsive to the needs emerging from recent events, but also risks that are flat-footed in their response.

Are startups even regulated? (Yes.)

I distinctly remember a period of sleepless nights in late 2008 and early…

Sam Hodges

Co-founder and CEO of Vouch — better business insurance for start-ups. Previously Funding Circle US, SecondMarket and others. All views here are my own.

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