Each token holder will be rewarded with the first edition of the Crypto Hodler Comic which will include NFT cover art and downloadable PDF of comic. A snap shot will be taken prior to the airdrop.


In the spirit of Halloween we want to see your Hodlers embrace the festivities…

We want to reward our OG community and collectors with as much utility as possible! For this reason we’ve decided to delay the comic release to November and reward each of our Hodlers with Crypto Hodlers Comic Edition #1 via airdrop!

Airdrop to include;
1. NFT cover…


Thank you everyone for playing so much of the game of this week! We have alluded to, and can announce your efforts will be rewarded in multiple ways:

1. Participation POAPS! — Each time you play you will be progressing toward collecting a POAP reward. As you can see in…

Meet Samon

Samon, The founder (1875) and the first major of Famas (1875–1918).


Race: Orc
The founder (1875) and the first major of Famas (1875–1918)

Samon, one of the most famous orcs in history, was born on the 27th of October 1849 (76 y.o) in a small town West of the Alliance. …

Meet Arn.


As the comic wraps up (expected ship early October) we would like you to meet our first citizen, Arn. The stories that will be told (and you can be a part of) will be populated with all the colorful characters you have come to know in the collection…

Roadmap 2.0 and more.


We will be rolling out the official new Roadmap 2.0 soon as we plan out the various dev team efforts, but today we can share with you different parts of the plan that will be sequenced out in the coming weeks and months.


As mentioned, the…

Hello Hodlers, 👋

This week's Project Update will be shorter as we released one on Thursday and the Todlers on Monday (our usual update day).

To ask any direct questions, please shoot us a question in our Discord!


The main priority for marketing is user acquisition and increasing the floor…

Hello Hodlers, 👋

Here are just a few things that we wrapped up in the last week.

  • The successful launch of our companion collection, The Crypto Todlers (available to be minted until November).
  • We hit 2000+ members in our Discord, and 6000+ followers on Twitter!
  • We received and are currently…

The much anticipated Crypto Todler minting us upon us! We are so happy to see the Hodler community grow close over the last few months and are thrilled to let each and every Holder have the chance to expand the Hodler Universe by minting a Todler!

A few things to note before you begin to mint.

  • Your Hodlers act as…

Hello Hodlers, 👋

The moment you’ve all been waiting for is fast approaching! Here’s a little sumpin' sumpin' to tide you over.

1st Prize of the Hodler Art Contest. Made by: @GanjaGymGod


Here’s a breakdown of what’s been accomplished thus far: Compiled analytics, researched keywords, gathered secondary data project research, re-vamped the website & discord, updated the roadmap, increased the…

The Crypto Hodlers NFT

To become a member, buy a Hodler on OpenSea: Discord:

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