A Guide to Claiming Your Hodler NFT Rewards.

The Crypto Hodlers NFT
3 min readAug 26, 2021

Rewards Explained:

  • The Crypto Hodlers team receives 2.5% from each sale on OS marketplace.
  • We receive that payments every 2–4 weeks.
  • Each time we receive payments from OpenSea, 20% is reserved for the community. The smart contract adjusts the amount available to claim by each token. Reserved amount/10,000 (amount of tokens).
  • Rewards are bound to the token not to the wallet.

There are two ways to claim rewards.

  1. Directly from a single token — one at a time.
  2. From multiple tokens at the same time — we recommend this option for collectors with multiple Hodlers.


How do I check my reward amount?

  • Visit the Crypto Hodlers website.
  • Click the “My Wallet” tab in the top right corner of the page.
  • Click “Connect wallet.”
  • Click “Get Rewards” or click on the specific Hodler you wish to claim the rewards for.

How do I claim rewards from just one token?

  • You can also claim the rewards for a specific Hodler on that Hodler’s page.

How do I check the reward amount per token?

  • See the amount available under the “Balance” column.

How to claim rewards from multiple tokens?

  • Select each ✅ box next to the ‘TokenID” column one at a time or, click the top most ✅ on the green bar to select all tokens on that page. If you have multiple pages of Hodlers you will need to do the same on each page.


Pay close attention to the Gas fees. Your rewards will not go anywhere so it is fine to wait until gas is low and you have collected more rewards. 📈

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Keep calm and Hodl on. ✨