Crypto Hodlers NFT

Project Update #14 10/25/2021

Each token holder will be rewarded with the first edition of the Crypto Hodler Comic which will include NFT cover art and downloadable PDF of comic. A snap shot will be taken prior to the airdrop.

In the spirit of Halloween we want to see your Hodlers embrace the festivities! Edit and share your Halloween Hodler derivatives with the community and we’ll reward the top three spooky Hodlers with ETH!

We have created a list of various of Comic book influencers with the intentions of increasing our projects reach and awareness within the comic community. In addition we will be reaching out to various YouTube channels and Podcasts.

If anyone in the community has connections to any NFT YouTube/Podcast channels or has a particular channels in mind that we should work with — let us know! Referrals from the community that we work with will be rewarded!

We have added a search feature for EOTQ. You can search the position of your Hodlers by typing the Hodlers TokenID in the search bar. In addition, you will be able to view your wallets active voting rank in the player ranking table.

Hodler camp fire stories are being translated and will be released this week in the spirit of Halloween including new featured art from Oloki (Card Art)

Crypto Voxels Hodler HQ
Our builder and grant recipient Jeeltcraft has been working hard on the HQ. You can explore the three level structure and enjoy what will soon be our new home in the Metaverse. We will be polishing it in the next couple of weeks with full Web3 hooks and wearables!,1N

We have funded and began production on the last two community grant award winners, Singing Hodlers and Soulective. This marks 5/5 community grants funded! Stay tuned as these develop. The former will be bringing entertainment to Hodlers AND the latter an amazing NFT platform for social good for the entire space!

Wednesday — 2PM EST
Tune in this week for live developments directly from the team. We will be answering questions from the community. Send us the questions you want answered LIVE in the Discord #🗣weekly-ama channel.

For those of you who missed last Wednesdays Twitter Stage you can listen to the audio recording with topic timestamps here:

Sunday — 3PM EST
We want to get to know you better while providing an opportunity for the community to network and build relationships. This Sunday we will meet in Discord to discuss Crypto, Life and all things NFTs.

During Sundays chill session additional topics of discussion were brought to light that community members may not yet be aware of:

1. NCT Tokens can be used to name both Hodlers and Todler
2. Additional Hodler rewards & utilities

You can rename your Crypto Todler and Hodlers on the blockchain any time you want using NCT tokens. For more info & instructions check out this article:

Additional utility and rewards planned for collectors that have kept their families together. Info on eligibility and rewards will be released in near future.

Keep calm & Hodl on ✨

Join our Discord and follow us on Twitter for more!



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