9 Things Only Ambiverts Will Understand
Larry Kim

So many people fear getting into sales because they’ve been socially conditioned to believe only extreme extroverts succeed in this field.

I completely agree with Larry here. Ambiverts possess a ton of the attributes a successful salesperson needs. This is especially true in “solutions selling”, which has a longer, more complex sales cycle and many different types of selling activities.

Solution selling requires a diverse skillset. You must be good one-on-one, building trust and rapport and relating on an intimate, individual level. You must also have the ability to present to a larger group, commanding a room of different roles and relating to different personality types. Someone who can handle and enjoy the social components of selling as well as the less-social parts (creating strategic messaging and presentation, responding to RFPs, planning out logistics, etc.) is bound to do very well in the field.

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