CNA Week 9

Win at Leipzig lifts FCB spirits

Following a dramatic cup battle against RB Leipzig Wednesday, Bayern players returned to Munich tired, yet happy about their win. There was a high tempo throughout the whole match, and Bayern recovered a goal lost over halfway through the game. Coach Jupp Heynckes remarked that it was an intense game, but it was an important win for the team.

Bayern Munich’s Manuel Neuer: the goalkeeper-revolutionary who has changed the way we see football

Manuel Neuer, who joined Bayern Munich in 2011, has redefined the role of goalkeeper in international football. He is held most times to be the paradigm of the modern goalkeeper, and many try to imitate his unique style. It was no surprise to anyone, due to his exceptional playing and leadership skills, that when Philip Lahm retired last summer, Neuer would become captain in his place.

Sigurdsson: Iceland can progress to Russia 2018 knockout stages

With a small population of just 335,000, Iceland made history by being the smallest nation to qualify for the FIFA World Cup, celebrating long into the night. This has been a long-awaited destination for the team, who was eliminated in the play-off stage for Brazil 2014. The whole team, and the entire country, all look forward to bringing the ‘thunderclap,’ or, the ‘Viking Clap’ to Russia in 2018.