Git Commit: Oct 25, 2013

Updates from a long forgotten age of mythical developers with creative, functional, and reality bending abilities; untethered from the evils of biased evangelists, ignorance and shallow thinkers.

It was a time of cognizance and prosperity for all who wished to collaborate and create in a global arena of pure ingenuity and sharing. Knowledge freely given and built upon. Reaching heights only limited by the imagination.

But with such accessible heights, as history has shown with great empires; the downfall was inevitable.

Pious powers began to create bloated mutations of unspeakable horrors. Others, who could not grasp such limitless invention, established a form called the “Banner Ad”.

Fear was the first emotion, then came socially awkward “Social Media Experts” and then.. The Recession. The world was thrust into a dark, dark generation.

But fear not, young developer who has stumbled across this commit. Hope is on the horizon. Seek out those who come before you. Read between the lines of code.

Correct the past. Discover the present. Create the future.

And oh yeah, don’t worry, it’s just the internet. It’ll still be here tomorrow along with cat videos, memes and comic sans. Has anyone invented real holograms yet?

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