What happens next? (Worries on LGBTQ, Women, Muslims, and the Next Four Years)

Like half of the USA, I was absolutely outraged by the results of the election, and like everyone else, I had high confidence that we would have our first female president as our leader. But instead, we have a bully as our Commander in Chief. For a while, I was too upset to speak out about it, and I didn’t really want to talk about it, to be honest. Though many people have shared their opinions on this current issue, I still wanted to share mine so people would know the thoughts and feelings of a teenager during a time that will most likely be difficult. So here it goes.


This issue wasn’t very big to talk about back when my parents were my age because it was something no one ever thought about. Even if it was brought up, say that the class clown was all along a homosexual, the word would be spreading like wildfire. But now that more and more people are coming out as gay, bi, trans, or queer, it’s not only getting common, but it’s turning into a big deal. Among all of my worries about the next four years, my main concern was how Trump was going to mess with the LGBTQ laws. For a while now I’ve had conflict with figuring out who I identified as and who I was attracted to. For the moment, I’m comfortable identifying as male. My parents and some of my friends have been supportive of this change, however there will be unkind people who will most likely have a bone to pick with me on this issue. It’s not only worrying to me, but it worries everyone in the LGBTQ community since it seems that every republican we’ve seen and heard from this year always has something against us queer folks, and for whatever reason it’s always because they’ve believed that the “perfect couple” was always a man and a women. Well let me just say that’s obviously not always the case.


Furthermore, sexism has been on my list as well, and it’s just shocking to see that people still voted for Trump despite the things he’s said about women and the things he’s done to them. It’s obvious that he’s never grown up in a family of strong women, but that still doesn’t make it okay for anyone to say things like that. It’s rude, immature, and disgusting. On some days, I feel embarrassed to be living in this country, and I wish I could just run away from it. But at the same time, I want to be brave and I want to face the obstacles that come my way. Whenever I see kids at my school wearing those “Make America Great (-cough- unequal -cough-) Again” hats, sometimes I wonder if they even thought about their mother or any other women in their family because, let’s face it, they’re the reasons for bringing them into this world. Without women the entire human race wouldn’t exist, yet in return we only give them a world where they’re disrespected and we act like it’s completely normal.


I take Arabic as my world language, and not only did my class learn about it, but we also learned more about the Muslim religion. I sort of knew some of the information because a relative of mine actually happens to be Muslim (Even my teacher too). So yeah, this is a huge problem for me. I’ve had many worries that my relative would get deported or her family wouldn’t come to visit simply because of their religion. It’s probably not likely, but I’ve still had those kind of worries. But I get it. The kind of threats made for the past several years came from a group who supports the Muslim religion. But that doesn’t mean that my teacher plans to blow up the school, and it doesn’t matter what religion you believe in. Anyone is capable of causing harm to one another, and the violent acts committed in the US was not done by a Muslim for the most part. Think about it. Since 9/11, what sort of violence was committed by a “Radical Islamic Terrorist”? Did it have any impact on the United States? Now ask yourself, what kind of things have we done to our own people in the US? Shoot their children? Beat them down because of their skin color or sexuality? Rape their daughters because they’re easy targets? Hurt them for just being themselves?

Final Thoughts

These next four years will be rough without a doubt, and it’s hard to ignore about Trump being in office and what kind of plans he has for the minorities. Since the election, I’ve started daydreaming more just to stay out of what the US is going through. But I’ve learned that I can’t stay in my own little world for the rest of my life. As much fun as it is to run off and imagine a mix of colors flying in the atmosphere, this is the generation I live in now, and the only option I have is to pull through the tough times and stay strong.