Naruto’s beginning

One day, a Nine-tailed fox (one of the Bijuu) suddenly appeared in the village ‘Hidden in the leaf’ (Konoha). The tails of the fox were spread across the village and the beastly tails started destroying whatever came in their way.

“ A long time ago, a demon fox with nine tails existed. When one tail was swung, it would destroy a mountain and cause a tsunami. To counter it, the people gathered shinobi ”
The village — Konoha

The tails managed to destroy mountains and disrupted Konoha’s landscape. Every shinobi took part in this battle but they couldn’t stop it, they couldn’t stop the destruction no matter how strongly they fought.

The Nine-tailed fox — Kurama

The village had four leaders termed as ‘Hokage’. The fourth, among them, was Minato Namikaze. He used a jutsu to seal the nine-tailed beast inside a baby known as ‘Naruto Uzumaki’. To do this, the fourth hokage had to sacrifice his own life.

The seal mark and Naruto Uzumaki

As Naruto grows up, he comes to realize the true power that is inside of him. Naruto’s dream is to become hokage someday. He was neglected by the village people because they knew that Naruto carried the demon inside of him and they were afraid. However, all hope was not lost and there was only one person who believed in him — his first teacher (sensei) Iruka Umino. Iruka believed that there was more to Naruto than others realized. Naruto came to be known as the ‘Hyperactive knucklehead ninja’ by a lot of people who came in his life.

Naruto being neglected

Naruto always wanted to qualify a test which could make him a ninja and he could finally graduate from the ‘academy’. He badly wanted the headband of ‘Konohagakure’. The first jutsu that he learnt was ‘Kage Bunshin’ (Shadow clone) jutsu. He managed to show the village he was something in his fight with Mizuki. This successful mission led to his graduation from the academy.

Shadow clones
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