I Deleted My Facebook Account and This is What I Found
Timothy R. Myers

Years ago, I had an old friend from high school message me that my “liberal posts” were stressing her out and she had to defriend me. I viewed that as her loss. I have hidden the virulently crazy people from my feed but I haven’t unfriended. I suspect I have been unfriended to a big bubble, but the conservatives who have kept me I value. I am quite politically involved, having held office in my state party structure. As such I have many friends on my list but I use privacy settings to restrict what people see. The closest to me are probably a 2–300 who see what I post. I’ve discovered many friends use my posts as required reading. I’m basically their curator of news. I’m careful to only post reputable sources now. It is hard to sometimes tell. As others have said, Facebook is what you make it.

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