Vox VoidScribe
2 min readJan 30, 2024


In 2021, dog coins took over the crypto space. Among them, $SHIB and $HOKK were on top. There was always discussion on which coin would blow up. Both coins were always even and at times, $HOKK even outpacing $SHIB. They were the founding fathers of crypto’s new era of dog coins.

Months later, $SHIB soared to the top 10, but HOKK was backstabbed by a large token holder, starting its downfall. Once a strong token with $500M market cap, $HOKK began to fade from the public eye. Today $HOKK remains remembered by those who experienced SHIB’s humble beginnings.

The crypto community gathered to revive $HOKK. Realizing its forgotten potential, supporters worked tirelessly to bring HOKK back to its feet. In only two days, the community worked endlessly to create a website, make awesome memes, and revived its market cap from $40k → $2M.

Word of $HOKK’s price action spread. In only a couple hours, $HOKK was already trending on multiple sites. Early crypto folks invested realizing this could be the next $SHIB. This wasn’t just a comeback; it was a rebirth, and its only getting started.

Now revived, $HOKK aspires to stand tall next to SHIB once again. Each step from the community marks a step closer to this goal. If $HOKK reaches $SHIB’s market cap, it will be a 1,000,000x. Will you join the journey towards the ambitious future, or will you sit on the sidelines?

Come help us make it happen!

Website: https://hokkaidoinu.biz/

Telegram: https://t.me/HOKKED_AND_LOADED

Contract address: 0xC40AF1E4fEcFA05Ce6BAb79DcD8B373d2E436c4E

Community Wallet: 0x6bb28246454814C57EE15208B7a275ABcbeF58d3



Vox VoidScribe

A humble scribe for the Hokkaidu Inu ERC20 Community Revival.