Irritability Side-effect

Thursday Week 1, Day 2.

I thought this would surely be an easy side effect to overcome, all I would have to do is keep a positive outlook towards everything and it won’t be a problem. It is.

So far the drug seems to be working. I was skeptical about it, but it is working. Theres an unexplainable sense of feeling normal again for most of the day.It is not overstimulating, it doesn’t feel like being high, or make me jittery. Simply my skin feels like it fits. I am more aware, awake and a regular level of motivated.

The irritability however is very real. With the whole nice sense of feeling alive, and all the good things in life being crisp and enjoyable, annoying sounds are also terribly crisp and louder than usual. People’s voices on the train, tapping, scratching, clicking, BREATHING, its all slightly enhanced and very disturbing.

That was really during the first couple of weeks. Or every time I restart the medication. The irritability slowly fades away over time. Or you learn to live with it. So you have that to look forward to.

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