worked at a design agency where I was one of two female employees. On multiple occasions, my name was taken off of my work before given to a client. When I pressed the issue, I was told, “We don’t want to confuse the client.” (I guess a woman doing work is confusing.) I was regularly instructed not to talk in meetings or on conference calls. Most clients I worked for didn’t even realize I had an active part on their project because, during meetings, they would only see me laying out coffee and pastries before quietly taking notes in the corner.
Occupational Hazards
Lauren Appelwick

Women tend to be more emotional and less open to constructive criticism seeing it as an attack rather than an opportunity to improve.

Being more emotional and less assertive isn’t an inherent characteristic of being a woman. Growing up in a male dominated, world, reading and listening to people reinforce the idea that we are being discriminated, is what makes it easy to blame our lack of success in the workplace on discrimination. But that keeps us from that may have nothing to do with gender.

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