Former Goldman Sachs Executive Joins HOLD as CEO

After several months of searching extensively, we are delighted to announce that HOLD officially has a new CEO in Priyanka Lilaramani. She accepted the position on Monday, after several discussions with HOLD’s advisory council.

A pioneer in the field of digital finance and a person equipped with the right skills and a mindset required to bring HOLD to the forefront of this financial revolution. Priyanka will join the team effective immediately.

We are very happy and proud to welcome Priyanka on board!

With an MBA in Finance from NYU Stern, a Masters in Information Systems from CMU and 17 years of experience on international business, Priyanka is equipped to drive the HOLD project to the next level. Prior to making her entry into the FinTech landscape, Priyanka was a Director at Goldman Sachs for over a decade. In 2017, she was named in the UK’s Innovate Finance FinTech Powerlist.

Priyanka is passionate about technology, and an avid believer in the disruptive capacities of Blockchain technology.

Following her appointment, she commented:

“The power and potential of Blockchain as a technology, and crypto currencies as an application is undeniable. It speaks to the power of people at scale and re-establishes how great causes are achieved.
At HOLD, we have an ambitious roadmap and a lot remains to be done to make this a mainstream technology. But a few years from now, we will look back, and the technology world will divide into two categories — the enablers and the naysayers.
HOLD will undoubtedly be in the enablers category.”

As an Angel Investor and an advisor she is known for her rigorous due diligence, and for setting a high bar for corporate governance and fiscal management. She serves on the Board and is a mentor to several high-growth companies. Most importantly, she has extensive experience with the peer-to-peer industry, particularly in the United Kingdom.

Priyanka speaking about the power of Blockchain Platforms

Moving Forward

Priyanka was appointed CEO on April 30th and has already joined the team. Since then we have taken her comprehensive experience and turned it into some instant improvements. We have also jump-started our discussions on licensing and other regulatory matters in a variety of countries to be able to operate as an independent provider in 2019.

Welcome, Priyanka
We look forward to everything that we can accomplish together!

Thank you to the HOLD Community for your continuous support!


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