Shikobe’s Jumbo Wrinkle (Jumbo Heavy WR Speed Boost)

I was watching the VOD of Shikobe vs Skimbo from the first week of the B-Dubs Bowl II tournament that recently started and noticed a creative adaptation Shikobe used on offense. It resulted in getting one of his wide receivers a “speed boost” off the line of scrimmage by manipulating the motion pattern of the wide receiver. I will use the picture below for a visual reference to help explain what he did. The setup below is achieved by using the “WR Wing” package to get Mike Evans and Demaryius Thomas at TE.

Singleback Jumbo Heavy pre-snap look

So from the above look what Shikobe did was motion the far left receiver on the line, in this case Mike Evans, to the right. What this did was bring Mike Evans into the backfield at FB which gave a traditional Goal Line formation look. After Evans set, Shikobe motioned him back to the left in order for him to reset into his original spot. However, right before completely resetting, he snapped the ball which gave his receiver a speed boost off the line of scrimmage. This worked for a couple of reasons: first, Skimbo was playing a very aggressive Cover 2 style defense out of Dollar where he brought his safeties up into the box for better run support and for better defense against quick high points in the seams, a popular tactic out of Jumbo Heavy. Also Shikobe had his receiver running a streak, the perfect route to attack Skimbo’s flat footed safety. Shikobe’s receiver ends up burning the safety, not to mention the SS who is supposed to be guarding the other deep half of the field has no shot at making an impact on the play, on what should be a walk in touchdown. In this case though Randy Moss tried to get too fancy and goes up for a spec catch when it’s not necessary and ends up dropping the ball. Below is a GIF of the play in action.

I hope this tactic added a nice little wrinkle into the bag off all of you Jumbo Heavy scumbags out there 😉