Most Powerful Fashion Bloggers of the moment

The industry of blogging: Fohr Card

Fohr card it seems is redefining how multinational fashion brands connect with the ‘power bloggers’ the elite fashion bloggers whose audiences yield millions of followers from all corners of the world.

One of the founders of Fohr card, James Nord started out as a amateur fashion tumblr blogger himself back in 2011, right when things were really starting to heat up. Fashion blogging was moving from just hobbyists to becoming more legitimized as their influence base and audience reach grew and grew. People began to pay more attention to fashion bloggers who were capturing fashion in real life scenarios, in their homes, on the streets, walking to work, out in the park, at the beach, away on vacation, in their apartments. Followers began to feel a deep personal connection to the fashion bloggers they followed. It was hard not to idolize the creative way in which fashion bloggers presented and captured their take on emerging fashion trends, from the sterile catwalk to real life everyday situations.

Here are a few of their blogs in their network:

Fohr card keeps taps on Fashion Bloggers essentially measuring them up to size analysing their influence and interaction with their fashion followers and then making the vital connection to fashion brands that want to work with them. The Fohr card fashion blogger membership base sits at around 3,000 blogs, it seems you have to be invited to join the membership network too.

‘We founded Fohr Card with the purpose of bringing together two groups of people who share a love for storytelling; creative bloggers and creative brands. Alone, each can create beautiful stories. Together, we believe they can create even greater ones.’

The creation of new businesses such as Fohr card to engage with these ‘power bloggers’ makes you wonder…. is the media landscape and the advertising industry really changing all that much?

or … are we witnessing an evolution in how we now interact with media and thus advertisers? After all the definition of media is essentially just a medium to store and deliver information and data….so the medium yes has changed, but has the message?

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