Born Again McCarthyism

With Molly K. McKew

Ms. McKew joins luminaries of the Make War, Not Love Club Samantha Power and Susan Rice in advocating military action to stop Russia’s Vladimir Putin, because the United States has not depended on diplomacy for so long that it now stinks out loud at it and has no international credibility.

This pro Cold War crowd consistently paints Russia as the United States’ arch nemesis. McKew’s latest, for example, blames recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia on Russian influence.


McKew joined other GOP hires at the Podesta Group, a firm more frequently associated with Obama. Her biography from their website:

Molly McKew International Specialist
Educated at the London School of Economics, fluent in three languages, familiar with four continents and experienced with think tanks, non-governmental organizations, Congress and the executive branch, Molly McKew bolsters the Podesta Group’s growing international practice. Molly is instrumental in strategic planning, government relations and messaging initiatives for foreign governments and embassies, multinational corporations and nonprofit organizations. She takes special pride in having helped emerging democratic countries conduct free and fair elections.
Earlier in her career, Molly worked at the American Enterprise Institute, where she directed research on foreign policy and defense, served as project director for the Middle East and managed NGO Watch. Honing skills that she now puts to use for Podesta Group clients, Molly targeted research to public policymakers in the White House, on Capitol Hill and in the State Department and Pentagon, as well as to the news media and other opinion leaders.
An insatiable curiosity about the world has taken Molly across the globe. She has worked in West Africa, southern Africa, North Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Russia and the Caucasus. Educated at Stanford University and the London School of Economics, she has a master’s degree in Russian and post-Soviet studies, plus a strong background in the biological sciences. She is fluent in French and Russian but also deeply rooted in the American heartland, having grown up in Idaho and lived in Ohio.