Stupid Magazine: FAQs

Stupid is a magazine about pop music and the fan experience that’s launching very soon. Here’s a Lean Canvas + Some Totally Serious Answers to some Very Frequently Asked Questions to help you understand why.

Stupid Sticker Explorations V1 by Liam Oscar Thurston
Lean Canvas is adapted by Ash Maurya from The Business Model Canvas & licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. Canvas design by TWG, font = “alphabetized cassette tapes” by Brittney Murphy.

Stupid FAQs

Q: Is Stupid a real thing?

A: Yes.

Q: And it’s a print magazine about pop music? Like, just print?

A: Yes

If you’re going to get really picky about it, you could say that Stupid the magazine is an object you can own in exchange for money. Issues 001 & 002 will definitely be print publications.

Stupid the company is a print-first music media startup.

Print: A relatively offensive medium

Stupid is about pop music. But really it’s about pop as a lens for exploring what it means to be a person who likes music today, and about the experience of reading, and The Internet.

Q. Will I like it?

A: If any of the following apply to you, you’ll probably quite like it:

  • You’ve been freaking out about how great Beats 1 is (whilst also making jokes about Apple took this thing called The Radio and put it on this new thing called The Internet)
  • You have strong opinions about whether Kanye West is or is not the Picasso of our generation*
  • You’ve spent any time at all pondering how Taylor Swift is situated within a broader narrative of contemporary feminism

(Spoiler alert. He is.)

Stupid 001 front cover explorations V2 by Liam Oscar Thurston

Q. That looks/sounds cool. How do I get a copy?

A: Stupid 001 (a limited-edition short run prototype) will be partially funded via Kickstarter. To guarantee yourself a copy, all you have to do is back the campaign when it goes live on Jan 21st. Get updates and some great newsletter action by signing up here.

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Q. Are you qualified to do this?

A: Somewhat 😏

Q: Who’s on your team? Do you even have a team?

Lots of seriously amazing people. “Team” at Stupid = contributors, collaborators, friends, mentors, advisors and community partners. I’d like a personal assistant eventually probably.

Issue 001 contributors include Dr. Julius Bailey, Sophie Auclair, Turbo Island, Alistair Croll and Liam Thurston.

Q. How do I contribute to Stupid?

Writers: Pitch me! Stupid covers popular music, the music industry and the fan experience from every angle: Social, political, economic, philosophical, etc. I’m looking for thoughtful, well-researched essays of approx. 600–2500 words from expert contributors who care deeply about their chosen subject. Diverse perspectives and critical thinking that challenges our readers is key.

Pieces that use pop as a lens for exploring the human condition and pieces about emerging business/technology trends are of particular interest.

Illustrators & Photographers: We’d like to hear ideas for comics, puzzles and other tongue-in-cheek re-imaginings of classic feature formats. We also pair writers with visual creators to work on specific pieces, so feel free to reach out if you’d like to be involved but you don’t have a specific idea in mind.

Everyone else: If you’d like to get involved with Stupid in any capacity please email

💸💸 Stupid is 100% committed to paying contributors and to presenting diverse perspectives. Currently, the contributor rate is set at $150CAD per piece. I’ll also work with you to showcase your other projects via our blog or in the magazine where it makes sense.💸💸

Q. How can my brand partner with Stupid?

If you’re interested in partnering with Stupid please email

My current focus is on developing a small number of meaningful, long-term partnerships that provide value to brands and to Stupid’s readers. We like transparency, win-win-win situations, and working closely with our partners to figure out a plan that works for everyone.

🚯🚯 Stupid has a strict no-dickhead policy when it comes to brand collaborations 🚯🚯

I’m especially interested in working with channel partners that can help us reach new potential readers, and financial partners that can help us grow. Music technology companies, audio brands and select fashion labels are a particularly good fit.

Q. I’m hungry now. What should I eat?

Only you can answer that question, but I’m a big fan of spicy chickpea and tomato soup right now. Also, thank you for reading right to the end. If you want to chat more, please feel free to email or text 647 920 9650.



Stupid’s Kickstarter launches on Thursday, January 21, 2016.

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