Why Hillary Clinton Thrills the Hell Out of Me
America Ferrera

Was this contrived by the Clinton machine? I mean, it’s very cute and feminista trendy to throw in the vagina remarks and all, but, for God’s sake, did you do any homework at all? It’s not even that I-suppose-I could-have-stayed-home-baked-cookies-and-had-teas-Hillary has got entirely the wrong idea of what makes the American Dream come true but, what does your mind do with all the information and evidence of this woman’s corrupt character? How do you rationalize and justify all her lies and cover-ups? Your article, had you done any homework, should have been “Why Hillary Clinton scares the hell out of me!”

I’ve just joined Medium.com. And in good faith, I read the first recommended article, yours. Man, I sure hope it is not representative of the typical Medium.com recommendations, at least for political topics.