3 Rules for Business Success: Questioning the Playbook

We are taught the rules for the American Dream game at a very young age:

  • Get good grades in school so you can get into the best college
  • Get good grades in said college so you can get the best job
  • Work really hard at said job so you can buy the best home and more stuff
  • Work even harder so you can climb the corporate ladder so you can buy an even bigger, better home and even more stuff

As we’ve moved out of the Stepford-like existence that included one job for life, predictable rungs on the corporate ladder, and cozy retirement pension plans, business owners and entrepreneurs have bought into a few additions to the American Dream playbook:

  • Venture out on your own so you can do what you really love and stop working so hard for a corporation that doesn’t fully value your contributions
  • Work even harder and sacrifice even more than you thought was possible, for even less reward and recognition, so you can ultimately make it big and realize the heroic, blood-sweat-and-tears American Dream

So . . . how is this American Dream game working out for you?

Because just about all the business owners I’ve ever met who have been chasing the American Dream, following that playbook to the letter, have found themselves wondering when they will wake up from the nightmare that has been created as a result.

What If?

What if the nightmare you may find yourself in is not the result of your lack of sufficient talent, intelligence, business acumen, determination, drive, focus, or sacrifice?

What if the American Nightmare is the result of striving for success, happiness and abundance by following a playbook that is entirely founded on the energy of failure, suffering and lack?

What if all of these do-this-to-get-that, make-it-happen rules are based on the mistaken belief that we can control the future as we run around, like mice in a maze, through dense woods where we can’t see the forest for the trees?

What if this playbook is ultimately based on a fear of the unknown, and a flawed attempt to numb that fear through control?

What if the only reason that the playbook even exists is the sheer number of people who wave it around, all desperately clinging to the hope that if enough people say it often enough and for long enough, it must come true?

What if there is no need to strive for something that is readily available to us, surrounding us like water around a goldfish?

3 Rules for Business Success

What if experiencing true, sustainable Success, Happiness and Abundance requires us to drop the playbook and follow only three deceptively simple rules:

  1. Know Thyself
  2. Be Yourself
  3. Do Things That Light You Up with People Who Light You Up for People You Love to Serve

{The third rule was masterfully articulated by Jonathan Fields, inspirational speaker, writer and founder of the Good Life Project. I like to think of it as the Triple Threat Rule of Win-Win-Win.}

What if you became a prospiracy theorist, believing that the unknown is filled not with fearful things that must be controlled or avoided but with people, places and experiences that are far better than anything you could possibly imagine from within the maze created by the faulty playbook?

Hint: It’s much easier to follow the three rules for business success if you do. . . .

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Originally published at blueskybiz.com on April 21, 2015.

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