Allowing Your Success to Unfold

Until fairly recently, I’ve had an issue with the word “allowing.”

I equated the concept of allowing things to happen in your life with weakness, complacency, fatalism, and settling for less than is possible.

I was solidly in the “Make it Happen” camp ~ take charge of your life, don’t just let it happen to you!

I’ve come to understand, though, that “allowing” is not the equivalent of spending your life lazing around on a couch in your pajamas, eating Cheetos, watching Oprah reruns, and waiting for a pot of gold to drop in your lap.

A wise person once told me “Your job is to get clear on the What and allow the Universe to take care of the How.”

I knew it was a profound statement when I heard it and I repeat it often to my clients (and myself).

The first part of the equation is difficult enough ~ ask most people to describe what their ideal business looks like and you’ll hear crickets. We’re so busy focusing on some nebulous definition of Success that we don’t even know what it looks like to us.

I spend a great deal of time with my clients on Clarity and Focus.

But Allowing? That’s an incredibly challenging concept for success-driven business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs.

We are so conditioned to do, do, do that we can barely fathom the notion that success requires us to take our foot off the gas pedal and stop trying to “make it happen.”

We strive for specific outcomes and continue to get disappointed when inevitably things don’t fall into line exactly as we’d intended.

But here’s the thing: if you can step back and remember times in your life when you were deeply disappointed only to realize later that it turned out to be the very best thing that could have happened, you begin to understand what it truly means to “allow the Universe to take care of the How.”

Whether you associate the Universe with God, Source, or some other variation on the theme, you must admit that there is an unseen force at work in our lives that has a much broader perspective on what is actually in our best interests.

This force is capable of lining up synchronicities, circumstances and people to magically deliver to us all that we truly desire if ~ and this is the key ~ if we can get out of our own way and allow that magic to unfold.

Nature provides many examples of this art of Allowing ~ the innate and impeccably timed unfolding of a rosebud, the migration of whales, and the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly.

Whenever we try to interfere with nature taking its course, trying to accelerate it or to direct it to unfold in a particular way, we kill the very thing we’re trying to bring about.

The elusive trick to Success, it seems, is to focus on getting clear about the essence of what our ideal looks like and feels like ~ and then trust that we have set something in motion that will bring that about, without our needing to control it, obsess over it, second-guess it, or freak out when things come our way that don’t look exactly like we expected they would.

While this concept of Allowing may seem like an insane, radical approach to the hard-charging, go-getter in us, it may be time to reflect on Einstein’s definition of insanity and stop following the same “make-it-happen” approach and expecting different results.

What do you think? Are you ready to try a new and different approach, one that allows the magic to unfold in your business and your life?

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Originally published at on April 28, 2015.

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