An Open Letter to My Fellow Beleaguered Women in Business

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Dear Fellow Beleaguered Women in Business: (and the growing number of men who have found their softer side)

You know that moment when you’re flying high and then . . . BLAM! . . . you fly straight into a plate glass window at full speed and end up flat on the ground asking yourself, “What made you think you could do this?”

That moment of entrepreneurial breakdown happens to the best of us.

Welcome to the thrill ride of life as a business owner or entrepreneur.

What Does the Breakdown Mean?

Whether you’re in the middle of one or you’ve recently come out the other side, here’s what I want you to know about the breakdown:

It does not mean you suck as a business owner.

There is nothing wrong with you.

Your crash-and-burn episode is not a sign that you should just pack it all in and give up.

You have everything it takes to lead a wildly successful business.

It does not mean you are weak.

The vulnerability that leads to the fears and tears is your strength in business.

A truly effective leader is one who shows compassion and an ability to connect with others ~ impossible to do with a heart of steel.

It does not mean you are a fraud.

Those raving fan clients of yours have not been hoodwinked.

They are not just one misstep away from bolting after realizing that you really don’t have it all together, that you sometimes have no clue what you’re doing, and that you are not {gasp} perfect.

It does not mean you are unworthy of success.

You would not have been called to lead this business if you weren’t kick-ass at what you do.

You were not meant to rock a cubicle adorned with “Hang in there” cat posters, spending your days gossiping at the water cooler and creating signs to inform people that their lack of planning does not constitute your emergency.

No, my friend, you came here to do, give and BE so much more!

Here’s the good news:

A Breakdown Means a Breakthrough is Right Around the Corner.

In the ebb and flow of business, breakthroughs are always preceded by breakdowns.

As you get a little too close to the outer edges of your comfort zone, alarm bells start ringing and the inner critic jumps into action.

The Choice is Yours

Yes, breakdowns can be terrifying and can hurt like hell.

Cry it out. Unleash a primal scream into your pillow. Whatever works.

But then you have a choice to make.

You are standing at the threshold between your comfort zone and your next level of success.

Will you stay down, vanquished by your fears, doubts and the voices of your inner critic?

Or will you choose to look for the gift in the experience, the golden opportunity to come face-to-face with what is blocking your way, so you can step into your next level of success, turning your breakdown into a breakthrough?

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Originally published at on March 31, 2015.

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