Letter to CEO of Biggby

Mr. Fish,

Biggby has been my favorite place to get my coffee and also a place to spend my long nights of doing homework. However, I’m noticing that my favorite coffee shop might be missing out on a pretty important source of marketing, the building of the Biggby App. In our interview earlier this year we had spoken of an update that may be to come, but no details to what this app would include. Here is what I’m thinking, a new mission statement to build the new application’s strategy on.

“Biggby will stride to inform new and current customers in the target market of working professionals between the ages 24–35 about how the company personally benefits them and what great characteristics make up Biggby that can align with their own behaviors and perceptions. Creating prospects into consistent buyers will be Biggby’s ultimate goal.”

When speaking together you expressed the need to expand the target market of 24–35 year old working professionals, among those being majority women. We discussed this persona of consumers are those that are looking for a positive experience, a good deal, and want it quick and convenient. With the app that is active now we will not be able to reach this consumer that you’re asking for. As of today 81% of women in the world have a cell phone. Of the 81%, 90% of these cell phone users are the ages of 18–30. This tells us the target market you’re searching for has the hardware, but aren’t receiving the information they need to become loyal Biggby customers.

Here’s what I’m suggesting for the new application:

1) Create a One Stop Shop: this is where the customer will be able to customize the app to their personal needs, such as, points, pervious drinks, and more!

2) Online Ordering Pick-up: this will allow the customer to order drinks in advance and pick up later. This will be similar to what people consider call ahead. Before leaving towards a Biggby the consumer can order and pay over the phone for virtually no wait.

3) All Coupons: all the coupons will now be uploaded to the app and accepted at all locations. When coupons are available to the user, an alert will go off in the morning telling them to stop into their favorite coffee shop and save!

4) Social Media: Biggby is already thriving on social media, this new app will be the new hub of accessing all things Biggby in one easy click. All social media apps will be located at the top of the app’s home page and will move down with every scroll or page change.

5) Biggby Blog: this is a live blogging feed that will allow customers to comment on their experience that they had with Biggby and this will allow the stores to answer back, giving the community culture feel that Biggby wants to bring to their stores.

When speaking about the coupons during our meeting, you were aware of the coupon’s inconsistency among the company and were looking to make a uniform system. This application will give an easy outlet to send all coupons to members, and will now alert the customers to use their coupons. Also this will reduce the amount of customer dissatisfaction due to the coupons not accepted at all locations.

You also made sure that the company’s slogan stayed true among all locations so that they told stories. “Be Happy, Have Fun, Make Friends, and Drink Good Coffee” this slogan has everything to do with the experience and the relationship the consumers have with Biggby. So the goal is to make this important to everyone as much as it is to you. By introducing the live feedback blogging board will allow the consumer to feel like their voice is being heard and allows the company to make adjustments when needed, and allows the customer to hear responses from their favorite stores.

Social Media has been the leading marketing strategy for the Biggby brand. When you first started Biggby Bob’s twitter account, this was the first real time Biggby saw a large social media movement. You had spoken about how much more active the account became when you made yourself the face of the account, rather than the Biggby company in general. The consumers responded positively to the personal aspect, and this app will play off this with the live blog.

The most important goal is to expand and see your company grow and I know this application can get Biggby there.

Thank You,

Holly Reed