Thanks to all who Auditioned! The Stairwell Carollers are now set for a spectacular Christmas season of song for 2016!

Ringing the changes!
 11 new Stairwellers bring our choir to its largest at 34 ! All bursting with song, all super motivated for our coming 39th singing season.
 Farewell to well-loved members going on to family, travel new jobs and new homes — we will miss you.
 It was quite a job to replace those voices, but our blitz of flyers and posters at Music and Beyond and local community centres and libraries and notices on social media and in our newsletter drew out an awesome choice of individuals trying out for a spot in the Stairwell. Thanks to Pierre and all the Stairwellers who worked to get the word out.
 As some of you know, being chosen for the Stairwell Carollers has less to do with musical knowledge and more to do with what kind of voice you have. Pierre has strived through the years to maintain the group sound that ensures no matter who comes and goes, we still sound like The Stairwell Carollers have always sounded. Listen to our CDs, and you will see how amazing that is — you would swear it was the very same group that recorded every one!
 So, if you tried out and didn’t make it, be assured it wasn’t because you don’t have a great voice or attitude. We are just one of SO many great Ottawa area choirs and there is one out there that needs your special voice!

Originally published at on September 13, 2016.