I don’t believe in luck. Good fortune, YES, but not luck.

Why? Because I believe that the hand you have been dealt in life is the hand you have to craft your life with. Some people may be born into good fortunes; supportive family, country and even wealth. It’s what you do with that hand that counts, it’s time to make it happen and invent or reinvent your future.

1. Be optimistic!

We all have those negative people in our lives, right? And don’t they put a downer on everything? People who think they are unlucky believe that their bad luck isn’t something they can change. Studies have proven that more than 80 percent of people who feel they’re lucky actually work even harder at creating their luck. When bad things happen, it’s the inner optimism that can make you resilient, pick yourself up again and keep at it.

2. Embrace opportunities

They won’t come your way everyday. Increase the possibility by networking with as many people as you can, keep seeking out those opportunities, embrace different ways of doing things, change things, mix it up. It could land you that big career change or even your future partner. Networking with new people is important but it isn’t about how many people are on your Linkedin profile. Some of the best relationships are the longest ones based on trust, friendship and experiences you have shared.

Would you feel lucky if a connection led to a great opportunity, or would you think that you had improved your odds of knowing the right person simply by meeting more people?

3. Sometimes you know best

How many times have you regretted not listening to yourself? When you have an important decision to make about the future, clear your mind and go with your intuition. You will then be able to act upon that voice within you.


Create your luck by setting big goals and work hard to make them real. New opportunities may come your way that you may have not even considered. Think about your goals every day. Imagine what success will look like, figure out where you want to be a month or a year from now, and work backward.

Shoot for that moon and you may just catch those stars.

5. Never stop learning

There is endless opportunity out there, never stop learning and developing your skills. You will grow as a person, meet new people which will help you reach more goals. It will help you to bring more luck and happiness with your life and who you are.

6. Superstition?

That amazing opportunity that presented itself out of nowhere? Think that was luck? Well it may have been that impression that you left with someone. Keep building those opportunities and they will keep coming your way.

7. Challenge yourself

Personal growth happens when you stretch beyond your own limits. Every time you do something you didn´t know you were capable of, you become more knowledgeable and skilled. You can´t learn to grow, you have to do it.

8. Focus

If you’re reading this you are probably already interesting and ambitious and have loads of amazing ideas. Pick a few of these and focus on the ones you really enjoy. It will help to funnel those thoughts and help to focus on something that you are passionate about.

9. Become an expert

Learning an area and gaining wisdom will help you build your confidence. People get bypassed and take themselves out of the running when they don’t expose their knowledge and other people who have less experience or talent will get ahead and take advantage. Swot up, learn your area and improve your odds when opportunity knocks.

10. The fear of failure

If you keep going through life thinking you are going to fail then you aren’t going to get very far. No matter what you try, you will fail sometimes. Overcome that fear of failure as it will present more opportunities when you succeed.

11. Remember those memories

Every time I feel content or grateful in my life I write it down on a small piece of paper and add it to my memory box. I do the same each time I have some awesome memories. Even keeping a plane ticket from a holiday. It reminds me to be grateful for the experiences I have had, the life I have crafted and what i’ve done successfully.

12. Copy cat

Pick successful people and imitate them. Their performance won’t guarantee your future results but it will help you to think ‘If they can do it, so can I’!

13. Help others

Yes, it’s lucky number 13 on the list. Whether its called Karma or if you just like helping people (like I do) the ‘no good deed goes unpunished’ saying is just rubbish. Helping others with their goals often opens new opportunities for you too.

Keep crafting your own luck, it isn’t given to you on a plate, you have to work for it. When you do, those doors will start to fly open for you.

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