Love it or Hate it: The Holmes Annual Holiday Card

Dec 10, 2017 · 4 min read

Eric and I started our Christmas card tradition when we were dating. We wanted to do something a little different. I remember Grandma Lainie laughing at our 2008 card because Aunt Ev thought that it was Eric’s actual hair. Our friends and family found it hilarious. Eric’s mom was confused but she did add it to her card display.


We dropped the ball in 2009. No card that year. We had just bought our first home and were just moving in around Christmas time. We made up for it in 2010. Our take on 1980’s / 1990’s Christmas. All things turtle neck, big hair, and tacky. Don’t forget the classic Christmas mugs. And no, Eric’s moustache is not real.


2011 was an offsite photo shoot. In the middle of December, we went down to The Beaches and snapped this beauty. Imagine us standing on the beach in the freezing cold trying to pose for a camera propped on top of a box.

We were snowbirds — senior citizens who ditch the cold weather in search of a warm beach. Notice my matching track suit with a cat t-shirt and Eric sporting some amazing pants and a moustache blowing off his face. Amazing.


2012 was our all time favourite. It’s still the one we laugh about the most. Rocker Christmas. Wigs, fake tattoos, and a blow up guitar. Have a rocking Christmas.

Grandma Holmes loved this one. Eric’s mom, not so much.


2013 was a good story. The year of the onesie. We both dressed up and went to our local mall. We borrowed Eric’s onesie from my friend, Janine. It was so snug and we couldn’t stop laughing. We got quite a few looks from mall goers and the Salvation Army lady shook her head in disgust. Good times.


In 2014, Eric and I invited someone else to join our photo. Our first baby, Tate, was born the end of November. We were organized that year and took a pre shot with me pregnant and then post, where we included Tate. He was only a few weeks old.


In 2015, our motorcycle gang said Merry Christmas to family and friends, signing off, Love from E Chop, Big Momma, T Tot, and Little Bun (we were expecting Thatcher the next month).

Eric’s mom, not happy.


2016, it was yet another year of a preggers in the picture. We had to take advantage of it. The boys loved all things construction at that time. Likely because our house was in a constant state of renovation. It was time for some white t-shirts and beer bellies. Classy Christmas.


and this year’s…

We can’t “release” it yet! Our envelopes are filled and the stamps are on. I will be dropping them off at the post office today. For those who get our yearly cards, check your mailboxes this week!

It’s a goofy tradition but one that we hope to continue. When the kids are teenagers, they might not be so keen. But hopefully they’ll entertain us :)

Merry Christmas!

Love Eric, Lainie, Tate, Thatcher & Charlie

Open Book: Eric and I both wrote this post together. He wanted to call it “The Holmes Annual Holiday Card: Eric’s Mom Hates It.” Please note that comments about his mom are from him :)

Tell us which year was your favourite card! Do you have a fun family tradition to share? Leave us a comment.

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