Write the Good Write

I had an amazing talk with my wife this morning. We discussed a lot that I will probably write about in the future, but I took something away from that talk that was barely mentioned.

I’m writing for your attention. My honest desire is for you to hear and receive what I am writing. And sure, views and comments will help me know that someone is reading it, but I’m really here for the long haul. I’m here for the chats via some bot in 5 years where someone tells me they’ve been growing and excelling because I somehow added value to their life at some point in the past.

I write what I know and what I feel. I may end up being wrong about somethings or going a different direction than what I’ve put out there. One thing will remain true in all of that: I’ll admit to it and take ownership of mistakes I’ve made.

And I need to tell you all these things. I need to write. Because for those of you who connect well via this medium (pun intended), I want to connect. I want to add value to your life so that you can do the same for those around you. And my future posts will be for that purpose.

So I will write this good write, for myself but moreso for you.


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