That’s nice.
Erin Taylor

Oh, so NOW it’s women and men… A moment ago it was women in particular. Also, “no feminist can act like that.”

So you hate the plumber’s dirty clothes.

And your sewer is overflowing, stinking up the house.

Who are you going to hire instead, a nice clean I.T. professional? They don’t know anything about the job. And their clothes are going to get plenty dirty while they learn the job.

This has nothing to do with applauding. It has everything to do with dealing with the realities of right now, so that we can all survive long enough to move forward. 
If you want to see change, your best bet is to sart local. Vote in every small election. Mayor, council members, thet own dogcatcher. Vote green people in locally, so that they can build an infrastructure that will, for instance, redraw GOP gerrymandering, which will then allow green candidates to the state legislature. 
 That’s how it works. That’s how the GOP did it — while the progressive movement continued to eat its young. 
But hey — Trump thanks you for your vote.

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