Why is 4K Ultra HD the King of LED TVs?

With LED TVs available in many shapes and sizes, you might get confused while making the decision of owning one. If you are the one who believes in investing in quality and latest technology, then 4K is the best choice for you.

Let’s understand what makes it so special.

4K or Ultra HD is about 4 times the regular 1080p resolution TV, i.e. 3840x2160 slightly lower than what you see in the cinema screens. So, why is it called 4K then? A 4K Ultra HD LED TV displays about 8 million pixels which is around 4 times what your 1080p screen can display.

4K means more pixels, more pixels means more information and more information means sharper pictures. It’s only when you sit up close, you notice the immersive experience your old was unable to offer you.

You won’t feel the drastic difference from other HD TVs immediately, as you are used to watching normal HD quality during the daily TV viewing. But as more 4K content starts rolling out, you would want to make the most of your chill time through fine video quality. For a premium experience, Netflix has started offering 4K membership, for which you will need a 4K Ultra HD LED TV, as your normal HDTV won’t let you enjoy the quality. DTH operators like Tata Sky & Videocon are also providing 4K set top boxes to deliver high quality 4K content. Even YouTube has 4K content available for you to watch your favorite YouTubers, DIY, How to videos in 4K.

The quality becomes even more important when you’re a gaming buff. Both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 support 4K. Many famous games are following the league. To make the most of graphics in games like Horizon Zero Dawn, The Witcher, Injustice and many other, you would need a TV that can handle it all, and that’s where 4K Ultra HD LED TV plays the saviour. Speaking of video games, input lag and refresh rate are the two things that you need to consider while buying a TV. The lower the TV’s input lag, the quicker the image transfers from your video game console to your screen. In most 4K TVs, you can turn refresh rate down, or choose different pre-sets for games and movies that raise and lower it accordingly.

So what makes Ultra HD the king of LED TVs apart from 4K content coming its way?

To summarize, here are few reasons on why you should go for a UHD 4K TV:

1. 4K Display resolution is 3840 x 2160 which provides ultimate clarity

2. 4K TVs have 10-bit color depth allowing for 1024 shades of each primary color

3. blacks are darker and whites are more pronounced, giving you a rich experience

4. being High Dynamic Range equipped, it gives you better depth of color

If you’re buying a TV that’s 49–55 inches, then you should definitely think about investing in a 4K TV. All TV brands are embracing it as the new standard, and the amount of content on Netflix/YouTube is only going to increase over time. Earlier, owning the latest TV meant shelling out a lot of money. But as technology improved, the 4K TVs are becoming more affordable. Sanyo is one of the brands that provides 4K UHD TV at reasonable prices and something that you should definitely consider while making that crucial purchase decision.

Image Reference: fiuxy.org