An Innovative Decor Item: Cushions

Cushion or bolster or hassock, or sham is nothing but a sack of soft materials like hair, feathers, polyster staple fiber, non-woven material, cotton, synthetic cotton, paper torn, etc. and generally used for buffering a delicate material from hard surface. Very small-sized cushions are known as throw pillow.

The word cushion comes from Middle English “cusshin”. The history reveals that cushion came into use from the Mesopotamian civilization. In one word cushion is purposely used for softening the hardness or angularity of couch or chair. Now-a-days cushion has become an upholstery item for the interior decorative industry.

Cushions are available in different shapes and sizes and commonly filled with natural cotton or synthetic cotton fibers. In this case cushion covers play an important role.

Types of Cushion Covers and Online Availability

The attractiveness of cushion cover varies from one design to another. The fancy cushion cover is used to décor your home interior and thus useful for furniture industry. The prices of the cushion cover vary tremendously from online to offline stores. Choosing the right cushion covers is an important part of decorating and furnishing any living space, whether it’s a bedroom, office space, or dining area. Different design of cushion covers like different types of stiches are used to make designs, some are made of different texture of cloths such silk, velvet, etc. and some are of leather. Cushion covers online is available in various e-stores like MaddHome. Moreover it is easy to buy cushions online because you can compare the price and design suitable for you and also get delivery at your doorstep. Not only that you can get the product at reasonable prices with discounts and with some assure free gift.

Linen Cushion

Linens are fabric household goods intended for daily use, such as linen cushion is a type of common domestic cushion. The linen fibers are of three types domestic linen, industrial linen and antique linen. Linen cushion covers are easily washable and do not get damaged easily but are prone to get stains very quickly. Moreover these cushions are available in different designs and cheap in prices. Linen cushions are used to put in chair, sofa or couch.