Taste & Style for Summer Home Decor

As the sun shines a little hotter, the days tend to get a little longer; it becomes evident that summer, the season of happy times and good sunshine, has finally arrived. With all such exciting vibes and moods, your summertime has to be something best of the best. Here we will be giving an eye on a few styles and summer home decor trends for this season of the year.

Let’s go ahead!

Taste & Style for Summer Home Decor

1.Try putting those heavy and solid bed sheets away for the season and welcome it with a light and sheer replacement. Chenille cotton bedspreads are just the superb pick.

2. Love accessorizing your home with beautiful embellishments? Bring in a few decorative mirrors to add more brightness to your daytime. A stylish magazine holder would be a perfect style statement for the centre table. Ornate a glass vase with some fresh lilies, orchids and roses.

3. Summer is the season for young ones to smile and thrive. Fill their room with thrill and adventure by getting a new theme based bed skirt — try out sports theme, planet and sea animal designs, etc. For your little princess, butterfly, flower and ballerina themes would be a big surprise. Let them rejoice freedom in summer vacations!

4. Since your outdoor garden or backyard is your ultimate venture during this season, a nicely done outdoor decor is must to enjoy evening walks and talks. For comfort and style, deck up an elegant garden bench or iron chair. Dress up it with a few cushions in coordinating colours. If you’re a natural decor lover, then going floral is the best thing.
5. A delightful evening is incomplete without beautiful lightings. Glow it up with magnificent lanterns placed alongside the driveway or simply near the seatings and planters in the garden.

6. You can make your evenings more eventful by throwing a small get together. Make it more special by adding dazzling cutlery, spice it up with a designer table runner, and invest in a few exquisite platters and serving trays. All this would just add more freshness to the juicy salads and other meals.

7. While it’s pinching hot outside, your little feathered friends need something to beat the heat. How about getting a little bird bath for them. They’ll chirp and hum in their sweetest tones.

8. Your bathroom might be the smallest room in the entire house, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have a summer style. Rejuvenate it with bright hued bath rugs and mats. Don’t forget adding a cotton bathrobe to enjoy a soft and luxurious feel when you come out of the shower.

9. This weather is all about colours. Go bright to complement the warm breezes and colourful skies by changing with the fabrics. Check your table linen, napkins, bed sheets, cushion covers, to rugs and carpets.

10. Organic fiber rugs give you an opportunity to create a natural landscape instantly in your home. A touch of cotton will be the best way to add freshness and coolness into the inside ambience.

Folks! Take advantage of this opportunity and get infused into the summer feel. So say it out loud — Summer!! Enjoy the season!

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