Gumus Su Villas — Mix of Local Architecture and Modern Design

This project was completed by Turkish studio Cirakoglu Architects. Gumus Su Villas consist of 5 villas located over the hills of Gümüslük Village, Bodrum, Turkey, a tranquil harbor with over the 4000 years of historical and cultural heritage.

The urge to create a tranquil unity with the impressive nature formed the basis of our architectural approach. The composition that came out of the process is an up-to-date interpretation that blends elements of the local architecture with a new language of design.

The basic idea was to define the single house unit strictly within a square, repeat it five times within the site and then leave the rest of the site to the nature. The rooms that make up a single unit are detached as individual blocks so as to create semi-open spaces in between.

The lounge, bedrooms, and bathrooms units that comprise each house are presented as blocks that are independent of each other. The open spaces between these units are reminiscent of shady narrow back-streets that allow cooling breezes to pass through.

The houses’ open courtyard, swimming pool and sun terrace were conceived as intrinsic parts of the construction. When all the parts are brought together, they form a distinct quadrangle and are shaded by a bamboo cane-work canopy. The stone walls and the wide glass surfaces define the different areas of the house in the most simple fashion. The location of the existing trees was one of the major consideration for the site layout. The exceptional view of the sea and landscape also guided the layout decisions.

Primary concern was to make use of traditional methods to provide energy efficiency. Thick stone walls and double walls provide sufficient thermal insulation. The bamboo shelter creates a secondary shading element in order to help to keep interiors cool. The semi open circulation areas lets the breeze into the living spaces. Almost all materials are local and natural materials which are used in the surrounding traditional buildings. The site size is 8000 m². The gross floor area of one villa is 250 m².

Architects: Cirakoglu Architects
 Location: 48000 Gümüşlük, Turkey
 Design Team: Alisan Cirakoglu, Ilgin Avci, Deniz Yazici, Asli Ingenc, Digdem Angin
 Developer: Demirden Design
 Photographs: Cemal Emden

Originally published at on December 23, 2015.

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