Unconventional Three-Story Atrium House in San Francisco

Fitty Wun is a three-story atrium house designed by San Francisco-based Feldman Architecture. The unconventional renovation of Fitty Wun transformed this San Francisco home to reflect the playful personalities of the clients, a couple with three active young boys and a “work hard, play hard” approach to life.

The clients desired a house centered on large, light-filled central spaces where the kids and friends of the family would love to hang out today and also ten years from now. This space also acts as a welcoming, warm kind of “Panopticon that allows the boys the freedom to be boys while the parents are strategically within ear, if not always eyeshot, to arbitrate, adjudicate and apply basic medical direction” (the client’s words!).

Behind a white-frame front door in a townhouse façade, the house features an open floor plan that merges the kitchen, dining, and living rooms into one great room. The kitchen opens upward to the ceiling, bringing light down from two stories above. Nooks and innovative storage solutions allow the great room — a place for cooking, eating, working, and playing — to be the hub of the household without clutter. The living room flows out onto a deck and into the backyard, where there is plenty of space for the family’s varied, energetic activities.

At its core, a three-story atrium house, ringed with a twisting steel stairway, offers the boys room to play within earshot of their parents. A wood rope swing suspended at the atrium’s center soars from the kitchen to the underside of ‘the pod,’ a floating office space that serves as an acoustically separate space from the action below. The roof deck, surrounded by a green roof, looks out to broad views. From its green roof with views of Twin Peaks and Mount Sutro to the great room’s innovative storage solutions, the design of Fitty Wun combines whimsy and utility.

Location: San Francisco, CA
 Size: 4,188 sq ft

Project Team:
 Architect: Taisuke Ikegami, Feldman Architecture
 Contractor: Andrew McHale, Design Line Construction
 Landscape Design: Owner with Loretta Gargan Landscape + Design
 Green Roof: Fred Ballerini Green Roofs
 Lighting Design: Kim Cladas Lighting Design
 Photography: Joe Fletcher Photography

Originally published at homeworlddesign.com on January 8, 2016.

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