Over-friendly couples most hated on holiday

On our recent holiday to South Africa we met another family — the Caseys. They were a lovely family and we spent a bit of time with them — sometimes on day tours, but mostly in the evening when we got together for a drink and chat while the kids played with each other.

It was lovely to meet the Caseys — and we’ve both kept in touch since returning. In fact, just recently they came over to visit us. So what of making new friends on holiday — are you for or against?

A new poll by Jetcost.co.uk has revealed that over half of Brits consider over-friendly couples to be the worst on holiday, with one in four admitting they do all they could to avoid these types of couples.

A total of 2,186 Brits aged 18 and over, all of whom stated they have been abroad for a holiday at least once in the past two years, were quizzed about their holiday encounters.

All respondents were asked ‘Do you like to make friends and interact with other holidaymakers whilst you’re on holiday?’ to which 47% of respondents stated ‘no’, whilst the remaining respondents stated either ‘it depends on who I’m on holiday with’ (27%) and ‘yes’ (26%).

Wanting to delve a little deeper, all respondents were then asked what groups of people they disliked the most on holiday.

When provided with a list of possible responses and told to select all that applied, the top five responses were as follows;

1. Over-friendly couples — 52%

2. Babies, toddlers and children — 40%

3. Holiday reps — 38%

4. Hen and stag groups — 33%

5. Old-aged pensioners — 26%

The majority of respondents (49%) who stated that they considered ‘over-friendly couples’ to be the worst said it was because they were ‘on holiday to relax and have some alone time, not double-date’, whilst a further 33% stated they weren’t keen on others ‘public displays of affection’.

Over a third of those wanting to avoid other couples, 38%, admitted to making up excuses as to why they couldn’t spend time with the other couple, whilst 26% admitted they did all they could to avoid the other couple.

When provided with a list of possible responses, the top response for each country was as follows:

· Italy — Hen and stag groups (30%)

· Spain — Over-friendly couples (29%)

· France — Nudists (24%)

· Germany — Holiday reps (20%)

It’s certainly a personal preference as to whether or not you like to interact with others on your holiday. Sometimes you can make some good friends in doing so, and create even better memories on holiday. But for some, the over-friendly couples can encroach on your holiday plans — and when you’ve paid a lot for your annual break, you might just enjoy being left in peace.

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