Greg Crowhurst
Sep 27, 2017 · 2 min read

Johnny Toes, what colour are his eyes?

I hadn’t thought of that.

A box of bits delivered to the Post Office in Ireland yesterday; on its way to me…..The more I get into this, especially seeing Corina’s work, the more excited I am, yet, also when I look at the beauty of her sculptures, daunted…..

Joey the Cowboy

My wife remembered Joey the Cowboy — her first beloved childhood puppet, so we got him down from the shelf , his clothes faded and worn with time. His strings rotten, no longer fixed to the wooden brace, but he still wears a beaming smile and, well, it really got to me: when he moved, when he danced, happily as he once did long ago, it was a moment of childhood magic (which never really leaves us).

It got me thinking of the possibilities.

He measures 12 inches; a bit smaller than Johny Toes will be. So I’ve got a better idea of how big his guitar needs to be and how it will fit.

Incredibly, on a terribly difficult day, someone on Facebook messaged me with material they can supply : EXACTLY the right colour of purple/pink, for Johnny Toes’ top! Such absolute kindness !!! I am deeply moved …..

Looking at a bunch of photos, thinking about trousers, guitar straps, a bright purple velvet top…..bringing Johnny to life.

An email from Corina about how to calculate the right size of the miniature guitar, with some math to get my head round! Got to get it right before I order it. It’s a big deal.

His guitar is everything to Johnny Toes.

So, what do you think my reaction was when a weaver in Ireland offered last night to make his guitar strap? Can they weave a pattern into the blue and purple, she asked?

With joy, in wonder and amazement at the completely unexpected way people are reaching out, at the love and light breaking the isolation, I said “yes, PLEASE do!”

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