Greg Crowhurst
Sep 25, 2017 · 3 min read

Will make a plan!xx

These exciting words from Corina Duyn, committed me to an exciting new path. The path of Johnny Toes becoming a reality in puppet form!

I have been devastated by the loss of my Muvizu character Johny Toes, who is like my deepest unexpressed self, suddenly come out to play, then disappeared for good one day, without any warning; Muvizu went bankrupt.

Getting to know Corina and her amazing puppetry has been a blessing. When my wife mentioned how much I would love to make a Johny Toes puppet, the response was incredible. I sent Corina a video of Johny Toes playing guitar in the rain and immediately she could see how special he was. That touched my heart truly. An instant bond was born in that moment.

But how to go about it? I cannot leave my desperately ill wife, to attend classes in person, though a visit to Ireland; I am Irish, would be incredible! And meeting Corina, a delight.

She instantly offered to explore the idea of Skype and long distance teaching. She was willing to reach out and connect, explore this path together! Sounds great, but oh, suddenly our reality comes more in to focus. The puppet head needs painting and varnishing.

That is impossible. We can have no chemicals in the house or garden even, for the slightest smell of perfumed products or chemicals can be dangerous to my wife’s health. Instantly the project seems blocked, impossible, Johny Toes cries somewhere inside of me.

Corina instantly offered to make the puppet herself, so that he came into being. So kind and generous hearted, but I felt a little sad that I could not make him myself.

A true teacher is innovative, imaginative, flexible.

And true to form, a second email arrived soon after, suggesting I make the head, hands and feet, then she would do the painting and varnishing…. A wonderful compromise, enabling me the excitement of creating Johny Toes. Inside he was dancing again!

I can’t wait to begin working on him!

First step, order the air drying white clay. Done that.

Second step, start thinking about the guitar.

Third step, what about the clothes?

On line several miniature guitars possible, but no guitar strap. Corina suggests ribbon or a leather strap…start looking for material too to make his clothes..already a lot to do, all sorts of decisions to make, the fun starts now.

Can I get the right size guitar for the puppet? Oh, but what size is the right size? Will 25cm do?

Corina instantly measures Johny Dwyer, then sends me a picture with tape measure alongside,, to give me an idea of arm length and that is so helpful. I can begin to see how it might work….

Now to decide which shape and colour the guitar will be. There are so many choices !

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