According to a recent report, Pakistani blogs ranked number 1 for….

Hola folks, been a while since last time I wrote a blog about Mir Mak (Not MAC — though they both are losers, but still). If you haven’t read that story, I recommend you to go read it (click my profile and find it up, I know you are lazy, but it’s worth reading)…

And then 221B Baker’s Street called, I was so busy that I missed the article Mir Mak wrote on ProPakistani. And I am stunned, for multiple reasons, including that ProPakistani (which is one of the most visited blogs in Pakistan) lets Mr. Fugitive write a blog… and doesn’t even try reaching to Mr. Holmes for the response….

Anyways, I soon had to fly back for filming of Season 4 (hope you guys liked it)… And Mr Mak wasn’t worth my time. So I don’t wanna go in-detail about him anymore (I did write a piece, but didn’t publish it cause it’s just too hard to explain to people).

HOWEVER, I must say this, reach-out to Cowlar (a YC’17 startup, awesome team) and listen to their pitch. They can explain relationship of IT and cows way way freaking better than Mir Mak has explained relationship of Investment Banking and IT…. >_<

Today, I want to write about a blog post I very recently came across. First from ProPakistani and then TechJuice. YES ‘Pakistani Women rank 4th most likely to access adult content through mobile’….

To be very honest, this can be true. While, this culturally makes no sense, this can be true. That’s not my point here. I just have one complain and I’ll ask it in all caps.


The article starts with ‘according a recently released report…’; what kind of citation is that? What kind of source is that? A recently released report? I mean I can make up a PowerPoint slide and present it as report. Actually, I did (*evil laughs*).

According to very recently released report…..

In fact, below is a extract from TechJuice’s article, with just some words and context replaced (Italics).

According to a recently released report, blogs in Pakistan are the 1st most likely in the world to post bullshit content followed by India. The report released on 16th March further mentions that 86% of the total blogs from Pakistan are bullshit/clickbait.

ProPakistani ranked 1st on the list with 91% of blogs being shayit…

And there you go, a booming clickbait article ready in just a few mins… BUT — it’s not just blog’s fault. It’s the consumers fault. We are the most suspicious nation (which counts cash after collecting from ATM… — someone in the comments) and yet fails to ask for source and credible news and content.

ProPakistani and TechJuice are just blogs. TheNews is one the top news source for Pakistan; recently covered the news of SRK offering Zalmi a 3-match series which was later discovered to be a baseless story.

The article ends here, you may continue to read if you like.

We are so shit… That we just couldn’t forgive Edhi Sahab…
We are so excited to cover news that we usually forget to verify it… CAUSE WE ARE WANNA BE FIRST AND THE FASTEST NEWS NETWORK.
ENOUGH ABOUT FREEDOM OF JOURNALISTS — let’s talk about responsibility of journalists/reporters/media.

To be very honest, I don’t know a lot about how we can change it. And I’d leave it up to you in the comments. Let everyone know how you think the media should change (including blogs).