Hey Entrepreneurs, 10x Your Kids, Too!

Upgrade to Education 2.0

You are a successful entrepreneur. You have an elaborate plan on how you’re going to disrupt your industry, 10x your business, and generally conquer the universe. But let me ask you a question:

Do you have a 10x plan for your children?

Do you have an equally ambitious plan for launching your children?

Your kids are your most potent startup and by far, your most valuable long-term investment. So, what exactly is your strategy to nurture, incubate, and grow them into juggernauts, into Fortune-500 adults?

I throw this gauntlet down because you successful entrepreneurs are truly remarkable, inspirational, and extraordinarily competent people. You carry the full weight of the global economy on your mighty shoulders and deserve 100% of the credit for the world’s rising standards of living.

But tragically, many of you raise your children in a completely opposite manner than you lead and conduct your own lives. Each day in your business you are taking risks, breaking rules, exploring uncharted waters, and enthusiastically pushing yourself toward lofty, long-term goals.

But each day, your child on a conventional educational track is coloring between the lines, passively following orders, shrinking from risk, and sleepwalking their way through daily assignments.

You are self-driven by passion, naked ambition, and the desire to provide for your loved ones.

Yet your kids are prodded by strangers, incentivized by hollow rewards, and punished for disobedience and non-conformity.

You join masterminds of world-beaters to level-up your game.

However, your kids are pressured by the LCD, and join homogeneous cliques….or else.

You operate on the cutting edge.

But your kids, despite “iPads in the classroom” are still being educated by a creaky, 1950s era model — one that never even “worked” in the first place!

Realize you can’t prepare your children today for unqualified future success by antiquated methods any more than you could hope to accelerate a Tesla….with a buggy whip!

Don’t you see the disconnect? And, dare I say the hypocrisy of it all?

How are your kids ever going to cultivate the mindset, no less the skill-set, that you know is needed for genuine success in the real, globally competitive, and cutthroat world after 20+ years of faulty programming?

What is the 10x Plan?

To be clear, the conventional and antiquated educational plan that fails our children catastrophically is best described as group instruction, or just “school”.

The 10x plan is individualized instruction.

You know, the way the wealthiest people on Earth have educated their children only….since the beginning of time!

And an individualized instruction is the ONLY WAY you can unlock anywhere near your child’s full potential.

That’s because when you educate your children, outside the system, you gain total control over how they spend their precious time. They no longer forfeit two full hours a day getting ready for school, getting to school, getting home from school, and recovering from all that running around. They no longer have to suffer lectures aimed at the theoretical middle of the class, nor do they have to suffer the tyranny of a one-size-fits-all “Common” curriculum or incompetent, tenured teachers. Your entire family will be liberated from the intrusive burden of homework — which is really nothing less than an institutional admission that the school wasn’t able to teach your kids adequately in the six hours they had them.

“If you want your child to get the best education possible, it’s actually more important to get him assigned to a great teacher than to a great school.” — Bill Gates

Skipping school altogether….you can now hire the very best teachers on Earth to work 1-on-1 with your children. One of my clients got all geeked up when a Harvard grad responded to an ad to privately tutor his young children. I laughed, told him to relax, and ribbed him with, “I’ll bet your kids didn’t have any Harvard grads for teachers at their fancy school, now did they?” We ultimately passed on the Harvard guy; we also vetted and rejected an MIT grad before finding someone far superior.

Note — there are TONS of graduates of top-tier colleges available on Craiglist, Wyzant, and elsewhere to tutor your kids in reading, math, and for the SAT/ACT…so that your kids can score higher and perhaps gain admittance to the very same vaunted schools that are producing all these tutors!

Firmly in the driver’s seat, you can also cover a wider array of subjects — many of which are omitted completely in schools! — and utilize the very best resources available. Essentially, you get to tailor every single aspect of your kids’ education directly to their specific strengths and weaknesses, to their interests, and align it all with your family values and long-range goals, e.g. accelerated maturity, world travel, and raising little entrepreneurs!

“Move fast and break things.” — Mark Zuckerberg

Again, the power of individualized instruction lies with its undeniable and overall efficiency. With a customized curriculum, your kids will now be operating, at all times, at the very frontier of their learning curves. Not only will this magically turn three years of academic math into one, if not less, not only will they learn Spanish faster from a native-speaking Skype tutor or extended time living in South America, but optimization will restore to them the biggest casualty of the school track — copious amounts of free time!

Finally they will have time to dive deep into extra-curriculars like art, music, chess, and videography. They can study robotics and computer programming, mess with 3D printers and drones….they can learn all about marketing and entrepreneurship. They will finally have time to read prolifically, to write their own books, time to commune with nature, time to travel, time to spend with family, time to volunteer, time to spend with inspiring mentors, and importantly the time and opportunity to experiment. They can even work, earn substantial money, and get way ahead of the financial game in their youth — just as Warren Buffett, Michael Dell, Gary Vaynerchuk, et al did.

Basically they can start chipping away at those magical 10,000 hours. Outliers is far more than just a book about Bill Gates’ privileged access to mainframe computers or how to game the junior hockey leagues in Canada — it is a surefire recipe for accelerated education and a blueprint for ambitious parenting. Reread it through that lens and understand that no children can discover their passions, no less start devoting meaningful hours to them without two things: one, plenty of free time and two, parental encouragement and facilitation.

I can’t count how often I’ve heard ultra-successful Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and VCs on podcasts tout the recuperative, energizing, and creative potency of TM (transcendental meditation), “mindfulness”, and apps like Headspace. But where’s the silence for the healthy development and productivity of their children? Jamming 20–30 kids in a classroom, forcing them to unnaturally sit all day and do tedious things creates an unruly atmosphere of constant, mutual distraction. So the school path not only crowds out all the time for extracurriculars and hobbies, it starves your children of solitude, too.

“The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates creativity.” — Albert Einstein
“Without great solitude no serious work is possible.” — Pablo Picasso

And while almost every sane person would concede that individualized instruction is a more effective learning method — most don’t fully grasp how superior it is (at least 98% more effective), how popular it already is, nor do they realize how cheap and easy it is to provide for their children.

Don’t believe the deflated official numbers, today there are nearly 3 million American children educated outside the system on individualized tracks; that’s up from a base of essentially zero only 35 years ago. This unstoppable movement has gone global and coincides with the explosive growth in geo-mobility AND entrepreneurship enabled by technological advances.

And please get past the mischaracterization of these children as “homeschooled” — many are never home, nor do they do anything resembling school! This amorphous group completely defies generalization and while not all of these kids are on a 10x plan, those with truly ambitious parents are flat-out knocking the cover off the ball. Not only are they dominating all the national academic competitions (spelling, geography, debate, chess, etc.), they are winning gold medals at the Olympics, and founding billion dollar companies. Have you heard of Tumblr ($1 bill) and Oculus Rift ($2 bill)? They were both founded by kids unencumbered by group instruction.

Certainly you are all aware how many college drop-outs reign at the top of Silicon Valley and the NASDAQ…

Well, in 10 years time, I promise you they will be dethroned by upstarts who wasted EVEN LESS time, if any at all, in old-fashioned classrooms.

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