Some would say” you are becoming more of a woman. The light that balances off of you shines.” In other words. “ I’m proud of you.” In reality this is what motherhood does to us. Well some. It gives us clean water to wash away our past with.

Motherhood gives us a sense of hope that things change for the better. That the equation Y=Mx+b will one day be solved like second nature. It never makes sense and that’s kind of the point. You roll with the punches. You learn to co-exist with your exs. You learn happiness means living for you, loving you, being you. It’s not caring.

We usually drown. Not from lack of knowing how to swim but because we usually live by the thought “ it could never be me.” But it can be you. It can happen. The tide may sneak up and pull you under and that’s it.

Why regret anything else?

When you can learn to accept and love each flaw and live. I came across a blog with a “fuck it” list. And thought why not fuck it. We need to be more appreciative of the now. Learn to love the future. Be proud of ourselves. so others have an easier time being more open to it.

Here’s my proud moment. My fuck it list.


  1. Putting myself down
  2. Self hate, because loving myself has gotten easier but it still lingers like a bad after taste
  3. Live
  4. Don’t think. Do
  5. Be a parent not a friend.
  6. When things get better keep praying
  7. I dare you to do it. Do what makes you happy
  8. Try new things
  9. Finish college ( graduate)

There’s more but I’m tired. And minion still asleep so I should be as right. Lol

You live in hopes for better everything. Why not live as if everything is already better.
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