And if we could calculate the size of the universe and discover our location inside of it ?

Astronomers have succeeded in using a powerful telescope to discover an area in the universe where there is no longer any stars, no more galaxy, nothing, except black …

This means that using a telescope they took pictures of the sky at each stage where they advanced. The telescope was oriented on a fixed point and they took a picture of what they saw … they decided to slew to a black area that does not display this away from any stars (galaxies, stars, etc. …); And every time they “zoom” on this black part, they discovered new stars, new galaxies and other stellar objects … And they continued this maneuver until at one point they had come to do find no more star, no more galaxy, complete darkness!

Beyond that, there was nothing more.

At least, until they can go deeper into the black, maybe they will find something else, you never know … With a more powerful device that can know what the future holds and the discoveries we can do in the future …

I then told to myself driving my scooter leaving work to go home …
“And if you looked in a specific direction with the telescope and that we could measure the distance that separate the Earth to the Astral void? Maybe we measure it in all directions and discover new things?”

And why do not we do it in every direction? the effigy of the cardinal points!

We on Earth and throughout the universe 3 axes that form our reality in 3D (three dimensions) we can measure and know the size of an object through these three axes (x, y, z) by its Height, its Width and Depth 

We could use the X, Y and Z we use to know the size of our planet by its diameter and its circumference and which is similar to a sphere by taking frames every 90 ° around the earth … For example, Ecuador to level in 4 different directions and levels of North and South poles …

Consider the Earth as the center point that is going to represent in 3D space as the “absolute zero” …

Ie that the Earth has coordinates’ 0, 0, 0 “(x, y, z)

0 = The Earth (That doesn’t means that the Earth is the Center of the Universe!)

Thus, by measuring the space between each side of the planet and the black space of the universe that is at its end, we could see this void without the stars and measure the distance in each direction (+ x, -x, + y, -y, + z, z), we might be able to determine both the shape of our universe, but we could also measure its expansion from year to year (despite the rotation of the Earth around the Sun) and above! We may know our geographical location of Earth in the Universe through the x, y and z!

To calculate this distance, we could maybe try this way to calculate the distance there is between us and the first star, and between the first and the next, and each star thereafter until reaching the the last being at the limit of vacuum and calculate the sum of all these distances to find the distance there is between us and the last star on the edge of the universe …

Although the end of the Stars in the Universe does not want necessarily mean “being the end of the universe,” it’s not because we consider the universe as filled with an incalculable multitude of stars in the universe that no longer wants to see these stars that it is the “end” of the universe … Perhaps there is in the universe a bottled area of ​​incalculable multitude of Stars, but more Later in this black, another area of ​​the Stars (or other things) could exist!

We do not know what we do not know! So everything is possible!

Author: @HommeLibre_137

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