Day 2 : ‘Finzh

I was walking down the sidewalk, thinking about what could you possibly be doing after work. I am so amazed that you get to leave your table and sign off from your Lync at exactly 5pm (I’m not a stalker, just a lot of time, I guess). Like — who does that??

Anyway, and so I was walking, sipping down my jasmine green tea which I, by the way, had asked the barista to put in a different name instead — Finch.

Name po?” She said, holding a black marker on her right hand and my cup on the other.

I’ve already decided the name I want to be written on my cup, while I was waiting on the line. “Finch,” I said.

Spell po? Sorry,”

“F-I-N-C-H, Finch,” as she wrote it down. But it turns out, my cup had ‘Finzh’ in it rather than ‘Finch’. I like it, nonetheless.

Pardon me for borrowing your cat’s name without your permission…And i’m not a stalker. I just freakin’ browsed through your Instagram!

Your cat’s pretty cute, though. But I’m more of a dog person. But, yeah, your cat’s super awesome.

That Finch, white, fluffy, i-dont-know-what-breed-is, cat of yours pretty looks like that freaky antagonist one from Cats & Dogs the Movie:

Anyway, moving forward…

So I was sipping through my hot tea, down the sidewalk, thinking about oh what a wonderful day this is but I didn’t see you but it’s okay coz my heart’s still glowing from yesterday’s great and remarkable bumped-into-each-other life event.

I looked through the glass walls of the gym training room at the ground floor, where they hold their group classes. From a far, I could see no one. Then I realized, it’s still 5 in the afternoon. Class won’t start till 6:00 pm.

Then I looked up through the glass walls on the second floor. I always check it first, if there are still available treadmill machines that I can use. There are still some, fortunately. Actually, there was only one guy using the treadmill during that time.

As soon as my eyes adjusted completely, I felt my fingers instantly tightened around my cup of tea. I was afraid I might have dropped it. I was so shocked, I could have, actually.

Look at the possibility! And the coincidence!

White shirt, knee-cut shorts, hair tied up to a ponytail. Holy shit, I murmured. But I never saw you at the gym before?? Wait…I had to look at you for a little longer, just to see if I was not mistaking you for any one. Just to see if I’m not actually hallucinating, and getting than i’m-so-in-love-i-see-you-in-everyone symptom.

You were walking down the treadmill at a fair speed. Your hands were swaying back and forth while your legs striding twice the length that I do. Then you swept the hair dangling in front of your face, and tucked it behind your ears. Holy Shit, it is you!

I remember you doing that when we were at Flotsam & Getsam in La Union. I was observing you, actually. More like staring at you, coz goddamn you’re so pretty. You do that so frequently I don’t know if you’re aware of it. But it was like a mannerism, or something. You’d always tuck your hair behind your ears, even if it didn’t even fall. I noticed.

The moment I saw you in that white shirt and very iconic ponytail, I felt my breathe knocked me out at once. I was chuckling, giggling like a freakin’ idiot. Look at the chances, I thought, seriously Lord? Then a little while later, you turned your head to look outside the windows…and then down. My reflex was that good, that I immediately pretended I was walking casually, not really watching you, a heavenly sculpted human being. I was walking straight ahead, with an imaginary 80s love song playing at the background.

I chugged down twice on my already-warm tea.

I pushed open the door of the gym, smiling, like a retard. I went inside the girl’s locker room, smiling, like a retard. I picked up my clothes and my shoes and went to the dressing room, smiling, like a retard.

I screamed so silently, stomped the floor so silently, and went nuts inside, as soon as I closed the door. FUCK FUCK FUCKITY FUCK!!! Holy mother freakin shitball!!

And as I went upstairs, as per my usual routine of a 30-minute cardio exercise, my eyes melted on the sight of your damped shirt. Good gracious, you’re freakin’ admirable. I chose the one a bit farther from you. There were 3 available treadmills. One at your left, the other beside it, and the other beside it too. And one, well, on the other side of you. I can’t be sweating beside you. I don’t want that close to you. But the farthest was broken, so I had to move one machine closer.

There was no one between us now. Just a freakin’ machine. I could feel my knees weaken, wobbly even. My heart has raced already, before I have even started running. Do. Not. Look. At. Him. Please. If I had, I probably would have flashed a freaky huge smile at you and you’d say what a freak I am. I would have blushed like a rotten tomato.

I ran and ran and really trying not to think about how my peripheral vision is party-raving over the sight of you and to the fact that I’m that close to smelling your sweat. I ran and I tried to focus. But then you freakin’ run at a freakin’ speed of 15.0 and I was so scared I think you might be breaking the machine.

After a while, you came to a 6.0, wild guess, and then after a few minutes of cool down you stepped down.

And I got on with the rest of my cardio exercise then on.

The thing is, my friends tell me you’re kind and you’re approachable. So why don’t you even say Hi! at least? I mean sure, we’ve exchanged a couple of lines before…


P.S. When will you ping me?? Dude naman.

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